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Being a leader in your life – a Laughter Leader!

IMG_3925[1]To become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader takes courage and hope – among other things.

Courage to go against mainstream beliefs that laughter is for happy people with a sense of humour and good reason to laugh, and learn that there are other ways to inspire laughter in the self and others.

Hope, because everyone needs something to hold onto when on a mission to create something bigger than the ego and a bit scary.

When booking a place on a Laughter Yoga Leader programme people are not necessarily planning to run laughter clubs and workshops in their communities. It is just as much a way to learn to bring more laughter into own life in the hope of changing so it has a positive knock-on effect on others.

It can be a huge step and everyone’s journey is different, whether we come from a background of loss, illness, trauma, or other tragedy, the route is fun, inspiring, moving, and with huge potential for anyone!

You learn to remember, you learn to speak in front of a group, you learn to laugh, and most importantly you learn to connect with people in a very profound way.

Taking responsibility for your life is part of what you decide to do when you take charge of your laugh life. The first place is always at home – starting with your own change, your own laughter.

You don’t have to lead laughter sessions to be a leader in your life!

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