Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK

Business Experts Programme

20160610 04aThe purpose of the Business Experts Programme is to assist Laughter Yoga Practitioners to obtain and maximise commercial opportunities that are available by using Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga Practitioners are able to access the support of a Laughter Business Expert with real-life experience in setting up a successful and sustainable business.

The program will begin with a one-day in-house or four-session online training programme that will cover:

  1. Creating a Killer BIO
  2. Improving presentation skills
  3. Creating a Marketing Plan
  4. Creating a Business Plan

Overview of this section

Laughter Yoga has many facets and applications. One of them is to present it at conferences, to corporates, and to businesses where substantial income can be received. There is a need for people who wish to create a Laughter Yoga business to be able to maximise the opportunities that are now available in this area. This section has been developed to enable the participants to know

  1. How to present themselves to the business community in a credible way
  2. How to be able to develop and then deliver effective presentations and programs
  3. How to run a financially sustainable Laughter Yoga business
  4. How to get these opportunities through effective marketing

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this section you will be able to

  • Know how to create a Killer BIO
  • Know how to create and deliver paid Laughter Yoga sessions to a variety of groups
  • Know how to create and maintain a business strategy and plan
  • Know how to create a marketing plan to promote your business


Part 1. Creating a BIO

  • What is your brand
  • What is your style
  • What is the value you provide
  • What are you the expert on
  • Create a “killer” BIO from a unique template

Part 2. Presenting

  • Constructing a presentation and program
  • How do I cost it and what do I charge
  • Learn skills to deliver presentations and programs
  • The importance of telling stories
  • Practical presentation delivery hints and tips

Part 3. Running a business

  • Write a vision
  • Listing and living values
  • Undertake an externally focused strategic analysis
  • Create a business plan
  • How to provide extra finances through products

Part 4. Marketing

  • Know the difference between strategy and tactics
  • Create a client analysis
  • List the forms of marketing including social media
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Have an established marketing plan

This section can be supported by:

  1. 10 x 1 hour Skype support sessions
  2. Unlimited access to the Business Experts via email for the period of the program

NB The program must be completed within 12 months from commencement

In the Skype support sessions you can raise and discuss issues such as…

  1. Pricing
  2. Developing products
  3. Offering a variety of programs
  4. Media training
  5. Presenting to different groups
  6. Handling difficult people and situations
  7. Use of Social Media
  8. Networking
  9. Research studies
  10. Customer surveys

…to name just a few.

Attendees will need to be experienced in and have an understanding of

  1. Laughter Yoga
  2. Laughter Clubs
  3. Training groups
  4. Public Speaking

The business experts are people who:

  1. Run their own Laughter Yoga business
  2. Derive their primary income from Laughter Yoga
  3. Have done so for several years
  4. Are proficient in coaching and mentoring

The cost is country specific and to be paid up front.
The BIOs of the Business Experts are attached below.

Select the one that best suits you and your needs and contact them directly for cost details.

1-day in-person workshop or 4-week online workshop

Programme fee: £275 / special £125. Booking early is recommended.
Registration: Please secure your place via the UnitedMind Online Shop. You will receive confirmation and details once booked.
Pre-requisite: Laughter-based training, valid professional insurance.

Lotte Mikkelsen
Founder UnitedMind Ltd
Founder Laughter Yoga Ltd and The Laughter Company Ltd

With more than 20 years of experience from corporate sales roles, product marketing, and management Lotte brings real knowledge and experience to the business training. Since leaving the technology industry Lotte has brought focus and motivation to individuals and groups who have trained as Laughter Yoga Professionals and need additional guidance to bring therapeutic laughter to the masses and to businesses and organizations. The new business program is an extension of Lotte’s successful 1-day Serious Business Workshop allowing students to move forward with their plans and implement their strategies during the 1-year program.

Lotte is a professional speaker, facilitator, and Certified Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and Gibberish Teacher. Her ambition is to make therapeutic laughter and complementary therapy available to everyone. Her compassion combined with her passion drives her work along with a meticulous delivery based on the deepfelt desire to make a difference in the world. Furthermore, training, workshops and coaching are delivered to high standards and are both professional and engaging.

Today, Lotte offers a broad palette of corporate services for holistic health, wellness and happiness of individuals and organisations. She has worked with national and international organisations delivering high-impact workshops, coaching, and training courses since 2002.

For more information please contact Lotte on or register via the UnitedMind Online Shop.