Team Building

Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Our approach helps you to generate ways to work together even better, using listening, as well as other communication skills, visioning, laughter and more.

Never underestimate a good laugh!

When you have laughed with someone you can more easily work together.

Laughter Yoga Workshops and Training Programmes are ideal for workplaces in both private and public sector. Bringing Laughter Yoga into the workplace does not mean everyone constantly laughs loudly but instead people become more resilient, motivated, creative and productive – altogether working better as a team member as well as individually.

For further details and information about tailored team building programmes for the workplace or information about Laughter Yoga and laughter training please contact us.

Building a High Performance Team

A lot of team building sessions stay quite distinct from everyday working life – perhaps great experiences, but not much practical help.

Laughter and listening are both valuable tools that can be integrated into anyone’s everyday working lives.

One way of doing this is facilitating you in coming up with ideas on how to have more of laughter and listening. Alternatively, staff can be trained as Laughter Leaders and Happiness Creators to keep up the momentum.

It is natural for there to be challenges between people in any organisation.

Laughter is one of the easiest ways to bond, it is non-verbal, non-hierarchical and cross-cultural.

Laughter and listening can help diffuse situations and get things in perspective, visioning can clarify what is important – and then the next transformational steps can be agreed.

Increasing the Fun Factor

If you would like a fun workshop to celebrate success, the Laughter Solution is ideal.

Provided are a whole range of games and activities to suit different types of groups.

No dangerous sports, manipulation or sleep deprivation required.

The word ‘silly’ comes from two old European words ‘seely’ and ‘saelig’. Both mean blessed, happy and joyful.

Wishing you lots of silliness!

Games and Simulations

Enjoy a Team Building day with

  • Appreciation and valuing
  • Laughtercise
  • Laughter meditation
  • Foo-ling (the ancient martial art)
  • Silly sing-along songs
  • Laughter and war games for the competitive spirit
  • Creative storytelling
  • Random acts of comedy and playfulness

For more information about the programmes please contact us.