Accredited/Certified Training

Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher, Therapist, Coach

When you laugh you change! When you change the whole world changes!

Certified Laughter Therapy Facilitator Training and Certified Laughter Yoga Training is ideal for idividuals as well as teams in organisations or private groups.

If you would like to try it before training in the techniques please visit our Laughter Workshop pages as well as the Laughter Club pages.

UnitedMind’s training programmes are provided as high-quality standard programmes or are tailored to suit any requirement for further professional development within the public and private sectors.

The training and workshop programme covers individual and group needs. Please visit the Course Comparison to get and overview of the differences between the Laughter Yoga programmes.

Please also make sure you read the requirements for receiving accreditation at the end of your training.

Laughter Yoga has quickly become the choice for any organisation looking to improve the corporate health and wellbeing.  By training key-people in the techniques to promote laughter for better health organisations show a commitment to the staff as well as the overall business.

You can book workshops, courses and therapies offered by UnitedMind by contacting us or by visiting our online shop.

Accredited Laughter Therapist Training

The Laughter Therapist training has been developed over the past decade in order for it to become a standard training for people with a background primarily in health and wellness services as well as for Laughter Yoga Professionals. The training runs over two days in person followed by 3-6 month case study work and completes with a half day presentation online or in person.

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Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

UnitedMind is excited to present the opportunity to train as Laughter Yoga Teacher. This 5-day training programme is available in the UK only through UnitedMind and is the certificated training that allows you to train other people as Laughter Yoga Leaders. The training is currently held in Hertfordshire and Co. Durham, or even at your venue. Requirement: Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

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Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training

This popular two-day course is held in St. Albans, in London, in Blackpool, and in Durham or at your venue.  It comprises of two days of Laughter Yoga Leader training as it was originally introduced by Dr. Madan Kataria.  At the end of the two days participants will be entitled to use the title ‘Certified Laughter Yoga Leader’. Really popular, we recommend you book your place sooner rather than later!

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Online Laughter Training

The Online Laughter Training is an inventive course from UnitedMind. You may not have the option of travelling to the venues where laughter training is being facilitated.  The online course runs over four weekly 2.5-hour evening sessions with discussions, practical exercises, presentation training and relaxation exercises.

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Accredited Laughter Coaching Training

Training in the Laughter Yoga techniques and understanding laughter at work allows you to practice one-on-one Laughter Coaching. In this 2-day programme you learn Laughter Yoga and how to work with one-on-one clients or small groups. This training is NOT Laughter Yoga Leader Training.

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Accredited and Certified Laughter Coaching Training for Laughter Yoga Teachers

Training as Laughter Yoga Leader allows you to practice one-on-one Laughter Coaching. However, it can be a bit daunting to start this practice when you have trained yourself in a group and to run group sessions. This training day gives you the tools and setup to fully equip you to work with people on a one-on-one basis.

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Laughter Yoga Leader Refresher Course

Over the years Laughter Yoga has evolved.  Since the first training run by UnitedMind in 2007 there have been significant changes to the way Laughter Yoga is being presented, shared and embraced. The refresher course is for Laughter Yoga Leaders who wish to get up-to-date with the latest techniques and information.

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