Laughter Yoga for Business

The benefits of laughter become the benefits of a growing and succesful business.

Workplaces all over the world introduce Laughter Yoga to their staff because of its strong team building and stress management elements.

The Laughter Yoga tools and techniques provide companies and organisations with powerful, cutting-edge operational benefits.

Laughter Yoga is a definite competitive advantage!

Undoubtedly one of the most empowering tools for personal and professional development today as laughter is available to everyone and anyone.

Brought together in a combination of breathing techniques and laughter exercises the method has the capability of bringing about long-lasting change resulting in

  • less absenteeism
  • increase in productivity
  • postive outlook
  • creativity
  • improved communication
  • motivation
  • exceptional capacity for coping with challenges

and many other benefits – both in the workplace and at home.

Laughter Yoga in Business

Laughter Yoga was trialed in a Danish IT company and they presented the following results

  • sales had increased by more than 25% in a highly competitive market
  • stress levels decreased by 75%

The program consisted of Laughter Yoga sessions daily for one week, then followed by weekly sessions for one year.

All management and staff participated and the stress levels were scientifically monitored.

Legislation about organisational responsibility for people’s wellbeing and social trends have placed wellbeing firmly as a priority issue for a wide range of organisations in both the public and the private sector.

Seldom can we take the stress away, but we can help people to manage it.

The Laughter Solution can be a powerful tool in keeping your people well.

It has many health benefits and many business benefits.

Laughter Yoga is a powerful tool that addresses all types of stress, physical, emotional, spritual, psychological.

There are also a few things to be aware of in terms of health and wellbeing because Laughter Yoga is considered a exercise-form.

Always take care of your own wellbeing, is what we say, because you are the one who knows you the best.

People with following conditions must take medical advice before doing Laughter Yoga exercises:

  • Recent and major surgery as well as hernia
  • Heart problem with chest pain
  • Early and late stages of pregnancy
  • Epilepsy triggered by quick emotional shifts
  • Cold and flu, any virus and persistent cough
  • Severe backache and new aches and pains

For further details and information about tailored Laughter Yoga programmes for the workplace or information about team building games and simulations through Laughter Yoga and laughter training please contact us.

Corporate Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Organisations all over the world introduce Laughter Yoga to their staff because of its strong team building and stress management element.

Results of recent research indicate that employees in Laughter Yoga programmes

  • become more committed
  • learn more easily
  • improve motivation
  • improve their inter-personal skills
  • and overall the workplace becomes a happier, and at the same time more productive, place

Laughter Yoga Principles

Laughter Yoga is easy and is for anyone irrespective of background or current status.

  • Anyone can laugh and there is no need for a sense of humour, jokes or comedy
  • You do not need to be happy to laugh because laughter is done as an exercise in a group
  • You do not need a reason to laugh
  • You can train the body and mind to laugh at will with regular practice
  • It is cost effective and less time consuming
  • Science shows that the body and brain cannot differentiate between real and fake laughter