Professional Conferences

UnitedMind and Laughter Yoga are synonymous in the UK and we are always looking to create opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

The past years have seen a number of conferences and special days being held in various locations around the UK and 2018 will be another year with exciting speakers joining us in London.

London 2018

We are extremely excited to invite back Patch Adams and Pady O’Connor for the 2-day The Playing Human Conference on 27-28 September 2018.

Along with Patch and Pady we have confirmed key-notes Robert Holden (UK), Leif Hansen (USA), Jeremy Gilley (UK), Merv Neal (Australia), Linda Leclerc (Canada), and Shonette Bason (UK).

The two days will be held at Conway Hall in Central London and is currently filling up with enthusiasts booking at early bird fee of £275. Secure your place – there is no say in how many spaces will be available after Christmas when the fee goes up.

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Conferences in the past

Manchester 2014

In June 2014 UnitedMind organised an Advanced Training Day with Dr Madan Kataria and Mrs Madhuri Kataria as the key presenters.

Almost 100 Laughter Yoga Professionals joined us to learn from the founders of Laughter Yoga International.

St. Albans 2015

The following year, in June 2015, a number of key-note speakers were invited to be part of the Laughter Yoga Conference held in St. Albans. Once again, almost 100 Laughter Yoga Professionals from all around the world came to Hertfordshire to share laughter, joy, and to learn.

Speakers were Madan Kataria, Sophie Scott, Sue Ansari, Linda Leclerc, Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel, Balbir Nandra, and Laughter Yoga Professionals.

Cabourne Parva 2016

UnitedMind joined Laughter Time in organising the conference at their Laughter Festival in June 2016.

The event was popular and the Laughter Festival is planned to be an annual event organised at Cabourne Parva.

London 2017

It was with huge excitement that UnitedMind invited Patch Adams to London in April 2018 to run a workshop. Also speaking and introducing Clown Doctors in the UK was Pady O’Connor of Mee Mee Theatre.

The number 100 seems to be a common denominator for UnitedMind’s events with the theme of laughter, joy, happiness, and the event was a massive success.

Photos from Living a Life of Joy in London on 25 April 2017 are available to view on