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– by UnitedMind, the laughter therapy, training and workshop company, and the original Laughter Yoga Training Centre in London and all of the UK

UnitedMind specialise in long-lasting personal and professional growth through laughter, joyfulness, happiness and holistic health in the workplace, the community, and at home.

Our laughter workshops and laughter training programmes combine laughter, breathing and business in a recipe for success, proving that Laughter Yoga, and Laughter Therapy are valid and important elements and suitable for any workplace training scheme as well as for individuals. The play element has never been more important for thriving workplaces in the UK and across the world than it is now!

UnitedMind workshops are creative and fun aimed at providing a platform for improved teamwork, lower stress, better communication, and increased performance altogether.

We were the first training organisation in the UK to focus solely on Laughter Yoga for training and development purposes giving us a long-standing track record of providing professional delivery of laughter-based programmes to thousands of individuals and groups around the country.

For more than a 15 years UnitedMind have provided workshop and training programmes for teams and individuals across the UK and the rest of Europe. We are always on the forefront with new programmes to tackle any stress-, team-, conflict- or communication-oriented challenge in the workplace or privately.

Laughter Yoga is a non-bendy, non-intrusive, all-inclusive, fun ‘workout’ that deals with all stress!

Thank you for visiting our pages – please contact us for further details of our programmes. Please also notice the ‘What’s going on…’ as well as ‘What did go on…’ listing to the left of our page, you may find a few special mentions, new programmes, good offers, or just a tip and trick of the laughter trade once in while.

Laughter Yoga helps people benefit tremendously mentally as well as emotionally, and to boost their physical health as they laugh regularly.

Please visit our pages about the Laughter Yoga training and workshop programmes available and learn about the benefits of them.

You may also be interested in reading about some the diseases that can be positively affected by laughter, please visit Laughter and Healing…  as well as the article ‘Laugh for No Reason‘ which provides additional information about the benefits.

Daily Laughter Therapy

If you want to get ideas on how to increase your daily laughter dose you can find inspiration on the pages about Laughter Yoga, laughter clubs and laughter programmes, corporate services and other pages.

For example

UnitedMind is committed to bringing about positive change in people’s lives and have recently launched a project to encourage those changes within businesses and organisations. A project to bring the Laughter Yoga Leader Training to teams in workplaces across the UK.  To receive the full report and proposal please contact us.

Furthermore, UnitedMind is uniquely offering the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in the UK. Please read more about the appointment by Dr. Madan Kataria and the plan for rolling out the laughter training across the country.

Laughter Yoga Arena

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Tailored Laughter Training

For details and information about tailored programmes for workplace stress management, team building, anger management, confidence boosting and other workplace related symptoms to be handled through laughter therapy, Laughter Yoga, and laughter training as well as laughter coaching, or for information about team building games and simulations through laughter therapy, Laughter Yoga, laughter coaching and laughter training please contact us.