Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Science tells us that the brain needs between 25% and 30% of the total volume of oxygen we take into the body in order to function optimally.

With Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga practice the netsupply of oxygen is increased and the body is functioning at its peak without the need for additional chemicals and additives – the body does the work all by itself.

Instant results can be achieved when introducing Laughter Yoga as a means to create a motivated and focused workforce.

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Laughter Yoga and Peak Performance

At a given time, the performance depends upon mood and Laughter Yoga has the power to change the mood state within minutes by releasing neuro-peptides from the brain cells called endorphins.

For people working in front office and sales and marketing, Laughter Yoga helps to bring a smile on their face and generate good feelings within the body. This enhances their communication and motivational skills and therefore increases their client base and customer satisfaction.

UnitedMind provides an empowering and fun workshop based on extensive experience and high-level training based on many years experience in teaching various forms of communication skills using a variety of tools.

Corporate Advantage

By introducing Laughter Yoga sessions for all staff, companies have reported

  • a happier workplace

  • increased efficiency

  • better communication

  • increase in sales and productivity

  • increased creativity

  • better teamwork

  • decrease in illness and absenteeism

  • a reduction in employee turnover

Improved Communication

The changes in behaviour, interaction and attitude among colleagues in workplaces have brought Laughter Yoga into the corporate world as a future-proof tool for powerful communication and stress management.

Laughter allows people to express themselves in a clearer way because it helps them think more clearly and creatively, seeking solution from alternative sources.

Laughter Yoga is a Corporate Advantage!