Stress Management

Stress Management

Hans Seyle, the physician who introduced good and bad stress as concepts said ‘It is not the stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it’.

And stress is a constant as well as growing problem…

Stress has long time ago overtaken other illnesses as the main cause of workplace absenteeism.

When you laugh you change, and when you change the whole world changes – your perspective and outlook becomes more rational and you start looking for solutions from a postivie angle instead of allowing unhealthy stress to run your work and life.

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Corporate Stress Management

No doubt that there is too much stress in the workplace.

When we are stressed we automatically become more serious. For some people this is seen as a good sign because serious people are believed to be more responsible and more productive. However, this is not true.

Those who take their work seriously but take themselves lightly are the most productive people.

  • Less absenteeism
    Through laughter we clear enough emotional space to either handle whatever needs handling, or move on from the situation
  • Staff retention
    Research shows that the majority of our happiness (70%) depends on the quality of our relationships, both personal and work-related
  • Client relationship building
    It’s much easier to work with happy people, and a sense of humour helps any kind of work go better
  • Building a positive brand feel
    Ask anyone about the people they like doing business with, and words like ‘we can have a laugh together’ are often used
  • Increases efficiency
    Laughter creates a better mood by releasing tension, anger, frustration, fear or anxiety. It is a powerful form of catharsis or ‘letting go’

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Stress Management at Work

New legislation about organisational responsibility for people’s wellbeing, and social trends, have placed wellbeing firmly as a priority issue for a wide range of organisations

Seldom can we take the stress away but we can help people manage it…

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Relaxation Techniques for Stress

The Laughter Solution can be a powerful tool for keeping staff well and there are many exercises that can easily be adopted both privately and at work.

Breathing techniques are a part of the Laughter Solution.

It has many health and personal benefits, as well as many business benefits.