Accreditation and Certification

So what is all this hoohaa with accreditation?

For many years I have been wanting the accreditation stamp for the Laughter Yoga Training courses in the UK.

I already had Laughter Therapist Training accredited by an American organisation back in 2016 when I launched the course under the UnitedMind umbrella of training courses and now it has been accredited in the UK together with the Laughter Yoga training courses.

FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) is the awarding organisation and I am so thrilled this process is now complete. It has taken almost four months from first application and until the criteria for tutors and training have been met fully in order to comply.

There are currently two Laughter Yoga Teacher who can teach Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training but the list will grow in the coming months.

Laughter Yoga Teachers Sue Haswell and Lotte Mikkelsen

The requirements to become a tutor for the Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training are

  • to comply with the training standards of delivery and assessment
  • hold a valid First Aid Level 3 certificate along with professional liability and indemnity insurance to cover teaching and issuing certificates for Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training
  • have a certificate in teaching Laughter Yoga from UnitedMind and the seal of approval for teaching accredited training from UnitedMind
  • ideally have a certificate in teaching, e.g. PTLLS Award, NVQ or similar
  • submit a video to show own presentation skills in a Laughter Club or laughter session as delivery is key to teaching the basic skills to others

What are the benefits of Accreditation?

Accreditation can offer several important benefits:

  • First of all it puts a stamp of approval on graduates: graduating from an accredited institution indicates that graduates are expected to be ready to practice at a certain level.
  • Accreditation is a means to building your reputation as a professional tutor and be known as a premier provider. This may be a real deal breaker for potential clients choosing your training and workshops.
  • Knowing the services are being provided in a way that complies with high standards and professional conduct.
  • Accreditation protects the interests of students, the training provider themselves, as well as potential clients looking for professionals, as it ensures that the training offered have met and exceeded standards that were developed by experts in the field of the topic.
  • Although accreditation does not ensure that every Laughter Therapist, Laughter Yoga Leader, Coach or Teacher completing on the programmes will become successful with Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy, it does guarantee that the graduate has demonstrated a certain set of skills and abilities which are defined and reflected in the accreditation criteria.
  • Furthermore, in this world of alternative methods and practices the accreditation may indeed be the reason some choose the courses.

In any case, I am really chuffed that the Laughter Yoga Training courses are now accredited and provided by approved Laughter Yoga Teachers in the UK.

Becoming a Laughter Yoga Professional

Many people think it is just a fun thing, that there is not much to practicing Laughter Yoga.

Which is one reason some people start Laughter Clubs without having the proper and appropriate training.

To run a Laughter Club is by many considered to be easy and free for all so why not just start a Laughter Club… However, to be a true Laughter Club Facilitator requires skills learned through training and through running the club – in that order.

The skills learned in the Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Yoga Teacher Training courses are not the only skills needed. As a Laughter Yoga Professional your compassion, integrity, people skills and ability to let go comes with a daily Laughter Yoga practice.

Do not let the word ‘Professional’ put you off as meaning someone in business, it means much more than that!

It is a constant aim for positive change and there are days that are not as great as others but unless we practice we will not feel the change and in turn obstacles may seem even more un-overcome-able.

A daily practice softens your approach to people and situations and the ever-judging mind becomes less judgmental.

If you are unable to forgive and let go perhaps your Daily Laughter Practice is a bit wobbly! Change does not happen overnight, it takes time, willingness, persistence and laughter!

When we laugh we change perspective and if there are areas in your life and people you still cannot forgive, you are only harming yourself.

A Daily Laughter Practice is more than just laughing, and it is more than just laughing loudly. Laughter Yoga teaches you to reach into the depth of your body to find your true laughter instead of using and straining your vocal cords. It takes time and willingness.

I realise as I am writing this, that my late father had this type of laughter, the one that came from within with a warmth and a playfulness that I don’t think he even knew was there. It made us laugh along, these quiet chuckles that could go on and on, and I have often heard people say that they loved hearing my dad laughing.

When you practice laughing, notice the change in your laughter, notice when it starts emerging from a deeper level that the loud and raucous laughter that eventually feels natural, gentle, and not at all forced.

Laughter Yoga is encouraging laughter from within and not as a pretend-practice.

When you feel the laughter in your body, when you feel thelaughter change you, then you have become a Laughter Yoga Professional at mind, heart and in your body. For real.

Your aim is no longer to show how to laugh but to share laughter as a way of being!

Laughter Yoga Leader or Teacher

Laughter Yoga Leader Training is being offered by many Laughter Yoga Teachers around the UK.

Many of whom, I have had the great privilege to train from Leader to Teacher.

I am humbled by the integrity with which the teachers I have trained deliver their courses and keep empowering themselves through continued professional development.

Laughter Yoga works the way it has been working in the past and the way it has evolved over time! And we, as teaches, grow with Laughter Yoga!

You can train as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader with me in St Albans, London, Durham, Blackpool and with your own group, as well as the locations of all the amazing Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers.

An exciting thing about the 2-day training in London on 20-21 April, though, is that I will be co-facilitating the course with Laughter Yoga Teacher Dave Berman.

Who is Dave, you may ask? Here is a good answer and another great reason to come on this course…

Dave Berman is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Laughter Ambassador from the US. He hosts the Daily Laughers YouTube channel where he’s posted a new laughter demonstration video every day since 1 January 2016. His mission is to inspire people to adopt a daily laughter practice. Dave co-wrote “Laughter For the Health of It” and wrote the foreword for “The Little Book of Laughnosis”. Both books are about combining laughter with hypnosis and coaching, which Dave is currently teaching on his global #HelpTheWorldLaugh tour that’s brought him to the UK. Learn more about Dave at

Book your place on the 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training with Lotte Mikkelsen and Dave Berman on

And read more about the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training on and find other dates and venues.

But there is nowhere else in this country you can train as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher than with the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in Hemel Hempstead, St. Albans and Durham.

Read more about the 5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training on

However, as a new and very special offer, if you are a group of Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders gathered in a part of the country out of reach of these locations, and with a minimum of four people, I would love to come to your venue at dates to suit you (and me), and train you all as Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers.

Teaching together is really valuable! You combine your strengths and your experience in leading Laughter Clubs, community sessions, and workplace workshops.

UnitedMind is a key representative for Laughter Yoga in the UK with over 15 years of Laughter Yoga experience, 10 years experence in delivering Laughter Yoga Leader Training, 9 years experience of laughing daily in the face of MS, and 5 years of delivering Laughter Yoga Teacher Training – plus all the workplace laughter workshop deliveries over all those years.

I am proud to be a Daily Laugher!

What makes a great teachers?

My students, my friends, my teachers, my leaders, and those who didn’t train with me but went somewhere else.

A few more words on the subject of being a teacher on

Laughter Yoga but not a Laughter Leader?

basic-learning-cover-photoDo you have a burning desire to bring more laughter into your own life but not really a need to learn facilitation skills?

You are drawn to learning Laughter Yoga but not sure what it is and find that two days is a bit too much to set aside before knowing more?

Not to worry.

There is a perfectly valid and very exciting 1-day basic training to teach you the skills to bring laughter into your own life, and those you share your life with, on a daily basis.

The Laughter Yoga Basic Skills Course takes you through the hows and whys in a comfortable way, and if you find yourself passionate about Laughter Yoga once you finish this 1-day course then we can get you on the route to leading and teaching Laughter Yoga Clubs, workshops, and perhaps even training.

Read more about it on

And book your place via

We learn best together.

0814-haha-02You can learn lots and yet only so much through self study when it comes to Laughter Yoga, Laughter Therapy, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Reflexology, Reiki, Massage Therapy and all those other holistic methods, but if there is no human will interaction how will you ever learn the realness of it all and how will you learn to cope with real people?

I don’t teach all of these amazing methods at UnitedMind but I do teach Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy and I do it darn well, too (I’ve been told).

I teach with my heart based on wisdom collected in my brain – and I love the difference it makes when people feel it in their body, mind, and soul!

A difference you can only experience together.

equinox-02Yes, self studies are cheap and can be a place to start but they are no replacement! I have done lots to top up my own knowledge but a book or a document never reaches as deep into your body wisdom as an in-person course leader, and connects you to the reality of your learning.

I would love to share change with you somewhere around the country so do get in touch.

We laugh and we cry and then we laugh some more because that is what life is all about – people instead of computers!

madan-jeffrey-lotte-nathanNB I do run online training courses and they are all connecting us via technology that makes the connection seem real even when it is via technology.

This is not the same as self study.

Find your very own training on

Additional Laughter Therapist Training Dates

lylt20120923-05The Accredited Laughter Therapist Training covers issues relating to laughter, tears, anger and everything else that can be laughed, cried, and raged off in a safe and fun way.

This is NOT Laughter Yoga!

The unique Laughter Therapist Training runs over two and a half days but that does not complete the course. It runs in the following way allowing you to complete within the timeframe given

  • 2-day in-person training or 4-week online training of 4 hours per weekly session
  • 3-6 months case study work (minimum 2 case studies to be completed, 1 group, 1 individual) finishing with a dissertation
  • 1/2 day to present your dissertation and complete the training. This day can be organised as an online or in-person meeting

This training is a unique, innovative and a new way of learning laughter and joyfulness with a view to present and to teach.

New dates

  • 10-11 December 2016 9:30am-5:30pm, St. Albans
  • 08, 15, 22, 29 March 2017 4:00pm-9:00pm, Online
  • 01-02 April 2017 9:30am-5:30pm, St. Albans
  • 02-03 August 2017 9:30am-5:30pm, Durham

Course fee: £795 / early £495 including courseware and certificate. Please check for special deals.
Registration: Please secure your place via the UnitedMind Online Shop. You will receive confirmation and details once booked.

Who is Laughter Therapist Training for?

The course is for people with a background in healthcare or therapists and professionals who want to run one-on-one sessions or group workshops using laughter as a method of connecting people and connecting with people, it is ideal for Laughter Yoga Leaders, Laughter Yoga Teachers, Laughter Facilitators, anyone who presents, gives lectures, talks and other public or private speakers.

It is also, as mentioned, ideal for anyone working in the health sector as well as education sector.

What you will get

  • 130 page Laughter Therapist Manual
  • Laughter Therapist Certificate. Please note that a certificate is not issued until following presentation of dissertation
  • additional information which includes meditations, standard forms and research documents as well as a template for an 8-week programme to run with groups or individuals
  • free mentoring following the training in order to get you off to a good start

For further details and information about tailored Laughter Yoga programmes for the workplace or information about Laughter Yoga and laughter training please contact us.

Non-Residential Laughter Yoga Teacher Training

imageUnitedMind uniquely offers the 5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia.

Since 2012 when the course was first offered in the UK it has been a residential course with start most days at 7am and finish most days at 9pm and having all meals together at the venue.

20160610 56The great news is that the training is now being offered as a non-residential course running first time on 3-7 April 2017 at Aboyne Lodge School in St Albans.

Monday starts at 10am, Tuesday to Friday start at 8am, Monday to Thursday finish at 6pm, and Friday finishes at 4pm. We cover everything as covered in the residential training, we just have shorter breaks during the days.

Haha Talent ShowThis is a fantastic opportunity for people living nearby or within easy commute, and as you are responsible for your own accommodation and food, you get exactly what you want.To read more about the 5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training please visit or to book your place on the course in St Albans on 3-7 April 2017 please visit

Learn to laugh in Liverpool!

2010-11-27-04-Laughter-RollercoasterLaughter Yoga Leader Training with UnitedMind is reaching out!

Last year the training kicked off in Blackpool and this summer we have been invited to take advantage of the famous and prestigious Everton Foorball Club Stadium in Livepool.

We will be laughing for two days, 3-4 August 2016, from 10am to 5pm, and send a group of Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders into the world to create positive change.

This time we even got a bit of a bonus as you may get a tour of the Everton FC Stadium during your training…

The full address for the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training is Everton Football Club, Goodison Park, Liverpool, L4 4EL.

Make sure you reserve your place on as it is already getting tight!

Accreditation for Certified Laughter Therapist Training

WCI AccreditationIt is truly exciting to have received course accreditation from World Certification Institute (WCI) for the Certified Laughter Therapist training which has is a course running over 3-6 months enabling you to deliver long-term programmes in groups and with individuals.

Laughter Therapy promotes long-term physical, mental, emotional benefits and wellness based on experiencing catharsis through laughter and sometimes through tears.

Learning to access your laughter through release is one of the key elements of this programme as we explore laughter, relationships, loss, happiness, and much, much more.

Full details on

Being a leader in your life – a Laughter Leader!

IMG_3925[1]To become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader takes courage and hope – among other things.

Courage to go against mainstream beliefs that laughter is for happy people with a sense of humour and good reason to laugh, and learn that there are other ways to inspire laughter in the self and others.

Hope, because everyone needs something to hold onto when on a mission to create something bigger than the ego and a bit scary.

When booking a place on a Laughter Yoga Leader programme people are not necessarily planning to run laughter clubs and workshops in their communities. It is just as much a way to learn to bring more laughter into own life in the hope of changing so it has a positive knock-on effect on others.

It can be a huge step and everyone’s journey is different, whether we come from a background of loss, illness, trauma, or other tragedy, the route is fun, inspiring, moving, and with huge potential for anyone!

You learn to remember, you learn to speak in front of a group, you learn to laugh, and most importantly you learn to connect with people in a very profound way.

Taking responsibility for your life is part of what you decide to do when you take charge of your laugh life. The first place is always at home – starting with your own change, your own laughter.

You don’t have to lead laughter sessions to be a leader in your life!

For more information please visit the Laughter Yoga Leader page or email To book find your venue and dates on