Communication Skills

Communication and Presentation Skills

Laughter Yoga is a tool for creating enjoyable and creative communication at all times.

A light-hearted approach to work and better relationship to colleagues can be some of the outcomes of using the Laughter Yoga techniques at work.

Anyone can communicate powerfully without inappropriate language and manners.

Working with Laughter Yoga and Gibberish encourages great confidence and clearer communication. In the end it all makes perfect sense…

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Laughter Yoga, Gibberish and Communication

In order to counteract stress and promote powerful communication Laughter Yoga provides a perfect exercise routine that is guaranteed to change the frame of mind of anyone practicing.

It induces unconditional laughter through the dynamics in the group and through childlike playfulness which is encouraged throughout the exercises.

Laughter Yoga enables people to communicate better and express their emotions freely.

Since Laughter Yoga is an instant stress buster, it generates positive feelings and helps alleviate negative thoughts and thought patterns. It is completely

  • GM free
  • caffeine free
  • sugar free
  • GREAT VALUE for money
  • totally natural – yet does not deplete the Earth’s natural resources

Learn how to communicate powerfully and get your message across without creating conflicts – Laughter yoga and Gibberish may be the answer to your communication challenges.

An opportunity to learn from one of the UK’s Laughter Ambassadors and the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Lotte Mikkelsen of UnitedMind Ltd.

The Gibberish Workshop is targeted at those want to develop new presentation techniques as well as improve their communication skills.

UnitedMind provides an empowering and fun workshop based on extensive experience and high-level training based on many years experience in teaching various forms of communication skills using a variety of tools.

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Communication Skills

The motivation to communicate along with the basic communication skills are dramatically reduced during stressful times and when negative emotions are taking their toll.

Laughing makes us more likeable because it lowers our tendency to be controlling and to try and gain self-confidence by analysing and judging others.

Improved Communication

The changes in behaviour, interaction and attitude among colleagues in workplaces have brought Laughter Yoga into the corporate world as a future-proof tool for powerful communication and stress management.

Laughter allows people to express themselves in a clearer way because it helps them think more clearly and creatively, seeking solution from alternative sources.