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Communication Skills

Laughter Yoga is a tool for creating enjoyable and creative communication at all times.

A light-hearted approach to work and better relationship to colleagues can be some of the outcomes of using the Laughter Yoga techniques at work.

Anyone can communicate powerfully without inappropriate language and manners.

Working with Laughter Yoga and Gibberish encourages great confidence and clearer communication. In the end it all makes perfect sense…

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Happy Yoga

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Laughter Yoga, Gibberish & Communication

In order to counteract stress and promote powerful communication Laughter Yoga provides a perfect exercise routine that is guaranteed to change the frame of mind of anyone practicing.

It induces unconditional laughter through the dynamics in the group and through childlike playfulness which is encouraged throughout the exercises.

Laughter Yoga enables people to communicate better and express their emotions freely.

Since Laughter Yoga is an instant stress buster, it generates positive feelings and helps alleviate negative thoughts and thought patterns. It is completely

  • GM free
  • caffeine free
  • sugar free
  • GREAT VALUE for money
  • totally natural – yet does not deplete the Earth’s natural resources
coaching session - Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK | Corporate Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Trainings & Workshops in London UK with Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen

Benefits of our Communication & Presentation Skills Services

Learn how to communicate powerfully and get your message across without creating conflicts – Laughter yoga and Gibberish may be the answer to your communication challenges.

An opportunity to learn from one of the UK’s Laughter Ambassadors and the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer, Lotte Mikkelsen of UnitedMind Ltd.

The Gibberish Workshop is targeted at those want to develop new presentation techniques as well as improve their communication skills.

UnitedMind provides an empowering and fun workshop based on extensive experience and high-level training based on many years experience in teaching various forms of communication skills using a variety of tools.

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How We Have Improved Businesses Like Yours!

Testimonials of Businesses we have helped

Miss Bev
Miss Bev
Great training, brilliantly facilitated by the Lotte and Mel, they created a fun safe learning space, looking forward to the next one
Ellie Moore
Ellie Moore
Lotte held a couple of session at HQ for our lovely employees and it was super fun and got everyone laughing - really brilliant. Our team really relaxed into the sessions and helped release any built up tension or stresses from their day to day life. Everyone left feeling energised as well as with a deep calmness. Thank you for working with us and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Jannie Stricker
Jannie Stricker
I completed the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in October 2021. The week was very useful, and I learnt a lot. All the laughter we shared not only in the classroom but also outside was amazing. As a first-hand research, I actually noticed a change in my mind and body after a full week with several laughter sessions a day.
Michelle Ligon
Michelle Ligon
Great laughter yoga online leader course! I was nervous at first but Lotte was brilliant - she has a very easy going, warm and engaging style which really helped. The course was super informative, interesting and fun. Everyone in the group really gelled and it was a very rewarding and supportive experience. I can't wait to get involved in more laughter sessions and eventually start running my own!!
Lynne Carruthers
Lynne Carruthers
Had a great time learning how to become an online laughter yoga leader with Lotte and her infectious enthusiasm and laughter.
Mary Thomson
Mary Thomson
Lotte has been very flexible and compassionate throughout the Laughter Leader Training that I attended live online. The experience was wonderful. I felt supported and encouraged throughout. Lotte gives her full attention and provides a high quality level of information and administration. I found the timing to complete the course was just right, and helped me to attend and manage the course. I highly recommend Lotte who has years experience, deep wisdom and humility; willing to share the learning she has gained through Teaching Laughter yoga. I am very happy to recommend Lotte. I look forward to further training with Lotte.
Frances Burton
Frances Burton
Excellent course which was adapted for virtual learning. Small group so we had ample time to ask questions and practice skills. Learning was fun and practical. I would definitely recommend Laughter Yoga training and it has already been of interest to prospective employers for role in wellbeing and inclusion.
Sarah Alderson
Sarah Alderson
Amazing training. Lotte is truly an inspiration to work with and laughter was free flowing 🤣
Sylvia of Edinburgh
Sylvia of Edinburgh
What a joy, and what an uplifting and truly wonderful training. Thank you Lotte, the Laughter Yoga leader training was amazing. This is most certainly just the beginning of my laughter yoga journey! Ho, ho, ha, ha, ha 😉 Sylvia
Tove Kane
Tove Kane
Lotte Mikkelsen is outstanding! She's the breath of fresh air that the world needs, now more than ever. I trained with Lotte as a Laughter Leader during the Covid-19 Lockdown in 2020. Even online, her warmth and wisdom shine! She's an expert in the field of Laughter Yoga and I admire the way she blends her professional business background with her evolved laughter skills. She laughs effortlessly and it is infectious (in a good way). She's an excellent teacher and communicates clearly, with reassurance - encouraging your sense of confidence in a field that might be new to you. Whether you go on to lead laughter sessions, or teach, you will have so much fun you'll want to share it. There are tremendous health benefits to Laughter Yoga and Lotte will teach you about those and the scientific background as well as many fun exercises that will boost your mood and your immunity. All the best with your journey - DO start it with Lotte, she's an expert for good reason. Highly recommended!