Alliances and Training Partners

All over the world people and organisations are celebrating laughter and the art of healing – as a means to inner peace – as a means to world peace.

UnitedMind work with many of these organisations. Only through strong alliances can we build a sustainable network of people promoting laughter for better health and well-being of our communities and throughout the world.

For further details and information about our alliances and how to get involved please contact us.

Via Vita Health

Running a business focusing solely on Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy in the health and wellbeing industry is actually a good thing.

Over the years in business I have teamed up with some amazing companies who I happily recommend to clients who regularly organise staff wellbeing events as well as festivals and conferences.

Via Vita Health is a new partner and I am looking forward to working with them at future events.

The company was established by Caroline Sidell and is a dynamic company that assesses occupational health requirements and creates a tailor made package to cater for the needs of organisations and individuals.

The Wellness Movement (former Run Yoga Run)

Working together creates more opportunities and we shine at what we do best.

The Wellness Movement organises events to enhance the corporate lifestyle of organisations through fitness, nutrition, meditation and a host of other wellness services. The Wellness Movement can help plan organisations’ wellness weeks as well as create a sustainable plan moving forward.

Their clients include Santander, Stella McCartney, Bain Capital, The Hoxton Hotels Group, and many more companies across London and the UK.

Sha Hussain and Lotte Mikkelsen connected through their mutual interest in alleviating the stress they both have experienced in fast-paced corporations throughout their worklife.

I am very excited to be working with The Wellness Movement bringing Laughter Yoga to the corporate world in combination with a wealth of recognised tools for corporrate, holistic health.

Joyful Living

Joyful Living are UK leaders at providing wellbeing services for offices and events. From massage to mindfulness, Office Yoga, wellbeing workshops and Laughter Yoga, Joyful Living arrives at your office to destress and energise your workforce.

Joyful Living also helps organise company wellbeing days filled with wellbeing activities as well as offering a wide of range of services for corporate events, conferences, exhibitions or product launches.

Nisha Gera and Lotte Mikkelsen are both trained in Laughter Yoga and joined their expert areas so when Joyful Living needs an additional Laughter Yoga Facilitator Nisha calls on Lotte.

The Vital Touch

It is with great excitement that UnitedMind has connected with The Vital Touch. A corporate health and wellbeing business that has been around since 1996. Discussions have been going for a good few years and 2017 is the year we break through and promote Laughter Yoga together to clients in London and South-East.

Suzi Cinalli and Lotte Mikkelsen are in tune with the stress factors in workplaces and both aim to provide workshops and therapies to alleviate daily life stressors.

Feel Hot Yoga

Together with Feel Hot Yoga in Hertforshire, with studios in St. Albans and Watford, UnitedMind is looking to bring Laughter Yoga to Yoga practitioners and instructors. Laughter Yoga adds instant relaxation of mind and body but must be introduced gently to the calm Yoga community.

Feel Hot Yoga teaches Yoga Instructors as well as provides a peaceful place for the practice of various Yoga methods.


UnitedMind and Retune have formed an alliance with a view to change the corporate wellbeing levels around the UK.

Retune offers a broad range of wellbeing workshops, including mindfulness, interpersonal skills development, partner yoga, laughter yoga, singing and breath work, wild wellbeing, speech and drama and many more.

UnitedMind will be one of the key facilitators of Laughter Yoga within the Retune space.

Peterlee Business Park

Bringing focus on health and happiness with Laughter Yoga to North-East England involves networking and building strong relationships in the business and personal communities.

Peterlee Business Park is a strong organisation promoting local businesses and involving business owners and staff in educating themselves in the important tools and techniques to run an successful business.

Peterlee Business Park organise training events at East Durham College and publishes a monthly magazine with news from the region.

London Waterloo Academy

In a bid to spread Laughter Yoga and all its health benefits to the wider audience in London UnitedMind is excited to have started a new partnership with London Waterloo Academy who offer life skills courses and training.

With 1000s of students passing through the doors every year there is a real opportunity to impact the lives of people who often feel stressed in the Capital.

Our first launch will be in 2014 with a special Laughter Medicine workshop.

In 2016 UnitedMind started running the London-based Laughter Yoga Leader Training in the space of London Waterloo Academy.

Staff Laugh where Workplaces Laugh

The Staff Laugh initiative was started in 2012 by Jennifer Jones of Simply Laughter and Lotte Mikkelsen of UnitedMind as a way of enabling staff and management across workplaces to start their daily routine on a positive note.

The project is based on a minimum of three months daily laughter sessions on the phone in order to full benefit both personally, professionally, and organisation-wide.

UnitedMind Laughter Yoga Professionals

All around the UK and Europe there are individuals and teams who have trained with UnitedMind, and I am happy to recommend anyone who is actively promoting Laughter Yoga and working with the techniques on a regular basis. The quality of the work UnitedMind’s ‘students’ carry out is second to none and they can successfully lead any group who wishes to benefit from Laughter Yoga and the health and well-being it brings about.

Bringing laughter to the communities and to the schools is top priority for UnitedMind and many Laughter Professionals around the country as well as worldwide. In the UK UnitedMind work with laughter organisations with the same aims and many of those individuals and organisations are on the forefront with their methods of promoting laughter for health and wellbeing in schools, workplaces, abroad, at home, and everywhere else across the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Americas.

Sole Developers

Improving communication and confidence are core elements in the workshops and training from UnitedMind, and in 2011 the company teamed up with Sole Developers, a training organisation in North-East England who has a strong background and a long-standing reputation in anger management, conflict resolution, confidence building and powerful communication.

Sole Developers and UnitedMind are offering workshops to empower individuals and teams in their communications and presentation efforts as well as offering workshops targeting individuals and teams who are looking to improve their confidence and health by dealing with weight related issues and challenges.

The Regency Training Foundation

In 2009 UnitedMind teamed up with a voluntary group with the aim to combat social exclusion in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The work has led to recognition in areas of young and vulnerable carers, and continues to have an impact within groups of young people and the challenges they face when caring from a family member. The aim is to prevent the young people becoming isolated and socially excluded.

The Regency Training Foundation is funded by organisations such as Big Lottery Fund and other funding agencies.

Laughter Network

The Laughter Network is an organisation where members

  • share their experiences
  • work together on projects where a number of different skills are required
  • actively promote laughter for therapeutical use and benefits
  • jointly promote laughter events around the country
  • have fun

After 10 years of sharing experiences Laughter Network decided to close the chapter in the UK Laughter History.

Dr. Madan Kataria Laughter Yoga International

I have been trained in the techniques originally introduced by Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of the Dr. Kataria International University of Laughter Yoga and the Laughter Yoga Movement.

Dr. Kataria started in Mumbai and now runs the Laughter Yoga University in Bangalore in India. He runs courses and workshops all around the world.

Please visit his website to get the wisdom from people who have spent many years benefitting from the Laughter Yoga techniques.

The International University of Laughter Yoga can be located on the Links page.

Every year on the first Sunday of May it is World Laughter Day and all over the globe people gather to celebrate the day and the laughter. The Earth will laugh non-stop for 24 hours – now, THAT’s a thought!

The World Laughter Tour

The World Laughter Tour awarded UnitedMind their Website Award in 2005 for promoting laughter to everyone.

Steve Wilson started the organisation with a fantastic tour from the East coast to the West coast of the North American continent – with the sole purpose of promoting laughter and getting people involved.

The World Laughter Tour has become a key organisation for people who start laughing and in that way have found common ground.

Please visit Steve Wilson’s World Laughter Tour site – there are many great resources available there! Amont other things, Steve has a shop full of a great variety of books, CDs, toys, thingymagees, laughter items and many more things. The World Laughter Tour can be located on the Links page.