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An Ally

As I was writing up my milestones and goals for the year at the finishing of 2019, just before moving into 2020, one of my aims was to be an active charity supporter instead of just talking about it.

On occasions I have run campaigns with the purpose of raising money for charity, and in addition UnitedMind supports Circus Starr on an annual basis.

However, with the recent on goings in our society, and the inequality that is still strong in our communities, I decided to step it up and become a true Ally instead of one who only talks about support and waves a finger in disagreement at wrongdoings.

We are one world and in this world I grew up with friends of different shapes, colours, preferences, abilities, backgrounds and many other differences. These relationships, new and old, are being nurtured by our mutual understanding and sense of what is right in a compassionate and kind way.

The other evening I watched Mamma Mia Here We Go Again, a movie my adults with learning disabilities Laughter Club at Larches Community, totally love, and while we were still meeting weekly they always asked me if I had seen the film. I finally did watch it. It moved me to tears thinking of my Larches Laughers and understanding their love for the music and the dance in this film. And I miss them in all that is going on hoping they are all safe and well.

In Laughter Yoga there is no political, religious or any other agenda other than being all inclusive with an open heart and mind.

My choice of charity is in recognition of the equal rights that I feel all of us – my friends, clients, colleagues, family, partners should experience without any questioning or even more serious attacks on anyone for the choices we all make. It is not just a charity, it is a group of people who believe in changing the world to include us all without anyone feeling they own privilege and without anyone being fearful of showing who they truly are.

Through booking Corporate Laughter Workshops and Training with UnitedMind Laughter Yoga Ltd you support growth and communication, diversity and equality in society at home and at work.

Image by chezbeate from Pixabay

Equal rights for all!

That is my ‘political’ speech of the day.

With love and laughter

Lotte Mikkelsen
Your everyday Laughter Queen

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