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Laughter Yoga but not a Laughter Leader?

basic-learning-cover-photoDo you have a burning desire to bring more laughter into your own life but not really a need to learn facilitation skills?

You are drawn to learning Laughter Yoga but not sure what it is and find that two days is a bit too much to set aside before knowing more?

Not to worry.

There is a perfectly valid and very exciting 1-day basic training to teach you the skills to bring laughter into your own life, and those you share your life with, on a daily basis.

The Laughter Yoga Basic Skills Course takes you through the hows and whys in a comfortable way, and if you find yourself passionate about Laughter Yoga once you finish this 1-day course then we can get you on the route to leading and teaching Laughter Yoga Clubs, workshops, and perhaps even training.

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