Second to none communication skills with Gibberish


When you learn the skills and a way of accessing your inner spirit of laughter it all makes perfect sense.

I didn’t get it. I really didn’t get it when I first started teaching Laughter Yoga back in 2007. Then I watched Jeffrey Briar’s video Gibberish 101 and everything fell into its rightful place.

Learning new skills with Alex Sternick in 2011 kicked off the Gibberish training and it has been running ever since in St. Albans and Durham, developing even further from new ideas and techniques.

Give yourself the gift of learning Gibberish – no-nonsense, it really is some of the best communication skills you will ever learn!


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Learn Gibberish Online, in Durham or St Albans

img_0307A new date for Online Certifed Gibberish Coach Training has been entered in the training calendar.

The increase in people who learn Gibberish for the benefits of enjoying powerful and empowering communication is exciting, and I am pleased to announce the online training to be held on 26 January 2017.

The course also runs in Durham on 26 November 2016 and 19 March 2017.

Gibberish is the language of nonsense that teaches us to communicate from a place of expressing emotions without hurting others just because we hurt ourselves.

img_0116Learning Gibberish has the potential of changing the way we interact and communicate – especially in stressful environments.

Don’t hesitate any longer but get your Gibberish fluency developed now!

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Few spaces available on online courses.

Gibberish in Durham next…

One day of Certified Gibberish Training is a serious matter.

In just one day you learn ways to perfect an ancient language spoken in modern tongue by many, many people around the world:

The Language of Nonsense.

First to be traced back to 8th century Arabia to Alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan, known as the Father of Arab Chemistry who when muttering his fomulas was referred to as speaking ‘jabirish’.

True story.

No one could understand a word and this incomprehensible way of speaking later became what we know today as Gibberish or Jabbertalk.

Gibberishbreaks communication barriers and joins us in the spirit of play, chaos and a structure for love and lightheartedness.

Join us at Alington House in Durham on 25 July 2016 from 10am to 5pm. Reserve your place on

Or in St. Albans on 23 October 2015 from 10am to 5pm – book now to make sure there is room! On