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Playing with Nonsense, Paradoxial Intervention, Gibberish Improvisation

Masterclass & Certification

20110716 23 - Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK | Corporate Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Trainings & Workshops in London UK with Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen

Over the weekend we will explore and deepen in the field of Non Linear Interventions based gibberish, the art of nonsense and working with Humour Drama Paradoxical Coaching.

Some of the exercises are playful and some are therapeutic.

The course is designed for Laughter Yoga practitioners, medical clowns, drama therapists, theater improvisation actors, expressive arts therapists, psychotherapists, psycho dramatists, logotherapists and everybody who wants to add more nonsense and non linear approach to his or her life.

2015 03 07 Certified Gibbeirsh Training Storytime Sarah - Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK | Corporate Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Trainings & Workshops in London UK with Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen

Why attend?

IMPROVISATION is not only important in the workshop but you are ‘forced’ to improvise in REAL LIFE when you plan but God Laughs upon you (“LAUGHTER” is about that).

You will get better skills as to how to “play with nonsense”, enjoy it and channel it into an opportunity for success and empowerment.

The deep understanding of the concept of NONSENSE will provide you with skills of how to stop fighting reality and searching for “one absolute truth”, while realising “anything goes”.

Hence, you’ll become less disappointed by ‘circumstances’ or life’s surprises and more of an accepting person.

Since practice of Gibberish Improvisation awakes the right hemisphere activity that enables you to be more creative and innovative when you face Surprises of Life and personal “tzunamis”, or else when you are bound to perform any daily tasks without losing vital energy on over thinking & planning.

Practicing of Gibberish on the Stage (and in Real Life) will make you an Artist as anyone can be. As you will experience the Essence of Catharsis you will also get certified as Gibberish Theater Improvisation Certified Leader.

What can you expect from the course?

  • Ways to unload and delete the old belief system and implant a new codification (Epigenetics) in the subconcious mind
  • We will play , experiment with the whole spectrum of emotions and yet devote time in the field of Non Destructive Aggresiveness (Psychologist Bach) , playing with our Anger and recognizing it as a vital part of us to be administered and acknowledged.

We will

  • learn and experiment on stage with self-acceptance, of ourselves, unconditioned to our failures, weaknesses, imperfections or what the others might think of us. We will befriend with ourselves
  • learn how to take the Nonsensical Tools to help us in living our life fearlessly and Improvisingly , leaving the ways of behaviour which have stopped to serve our existence and being and applying new life-affirmative codes of action.
  • improve our capacity to react to unexpected life situations, challenges and surprises (improvisation for real life).
  • enhance the connection with your inner child, (curious, inquisitive, daring, free and creative).
  • play with nonsense, using the tool of gibberish. Learn to let go of logic, thinking and talking including your inner narrative.
  • connect with our inner clown (fool) and explore the ‘wisdom of the fools’.
  • explore some of the basics of Positive Psychology and logotherapy (based on the work of Viktor Frankl). Introduction to provocative therapy and paradoxical intention.
  • explore para-logical choice for self-empowerment: Coaching in taking decisions that require inner strength and moving out of our comfort zone.
  • learn tools and exercises to facilitate your own nonsense & gibberish improvisation workshops.

This is a professional leaders certificate program in gibberish and the art of nonsense.

No previous knowledge is required.

The training is of a therapeutic character, and will include an individual protagonist work on the stage through the Non Linear and Clownish Interventions (Paradoxical Coaching).

We will connect all with Non Linear Psychotherapy (Frank Farrely, Viktor Frankl).

Alex Sternick Biography:

Alex Sternick, Clinical Nutrition, is an expert and internationally recognised practitioner of the Art of Nonsense and Laughter Therapy. He is the man behind laughter yoga clubs in Israel.

Alex began his laughter journey in India in 2003, where he worked with terminally ill patients. Then he practiced in Ethiopia as a laughter therapist in Mother’s Mission and a nutritionist with SaveTheChildren USA.

These experiences inspired him to bring laughter yoga to Israel. In 2004, he started the first laughter club in Jerusalem and brought the leading experts to the country, including Dr. Madan Kataria and World Laughter Master Belachew Girma to run workshops.

Alex has also worked with Israelis and Arabs in an attempt to bring these diverse groups together through laughter and nonsense.

In addition to his impact in his native country of Israel, Alex has traveled all over the world to run professional certified training workshops. He has trained professionals in his techniques in countries including  The UK, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, USA, Austria, Finland, Austria, Slovenia. He also appeared in local media channels in those countries.

Alex is a Humour Coach practicing and experimenting with Non-Linear Interventions & Approaches focusing mainly on building the capacity of self-acceptance within the individual.

He evokes his protagonists and students to apply improvisational skills used on the stage to their real lives.

His work is strongly inspired by the audacious teachings of Dr Viktor Frankl, Keith Johnstone and Frank Farrely.

Alex is currently the Gibberish Professor of the MsC. in Applied Positive Psychology program at New Bucks University in the UK.

In 2014 he was granted with the GOLDEN LAUGHTER AWARD by the French School of Happiness & Rigology® for his contribution of pursuing peace through laughter among Jews, Palestinians, and Jordanians.

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