Meet Yesim Kunter, Play Expert

You have already been introduced to a few of the Key-Note Speakers for The Playing Human Conference in London 5-7 June 2020 and we continue to share the fantastic people in the coming months.

The Laughter Yoga 25th Anniversary and The Playing Human Conference in London on 5-7 June 2020 may seem a long time away but there are still many outstanding people to introduce.

Please meet Yesim Kunter who was briefly introduced in our April Laughter News.

Speaking with Yesim about coming to The Playing Human Conference was great. We instantly connected through our passion for playful adaptation of life and in life, and she has a real story to tell about play at work and all around.

Yesim is a renowned play expert and a creative strategist, She understands behavior of people and how to create new experiences as well as  opportunities within the workplace and in life outside work.

As a keynote speaker she has delivered talks at conferences such as World Innovation Convention, TEDx, and the Global Innovation Forum London, an event where I will be sharing Laughter Yoga this year in November.

With a background in large international toy companies such as Toys R Us, Lego and Hasbro Yesim will certainly be able to share something about playing with us all at The Playing Human Conference.

“If we allow ourselves to Play and have Playful Minds, we will make better connections”, Yesim Kunter.

Please visit to learn more about Yesim. (under re-construction at the moment)

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 5-7 June 2020. Book on

Meet Dave Cornthwaite, the YES Man

In February we introduced the Miracle Man and now it is time to get ready for the YES Man.

The Laughter Yoga 25th Anniversary and The Playing Human Conference in London on 5-7 June 2020 may seem a long time away but we have a good few awesome people to introduce beforehand.

Please meet Dave Cornthwaite who was briefly introduced in our March Laughter News.

Dave is a total Adventurer. I have known a lot of adventurous people but being an Adventurer is completely different, is what I discovered through speaking with Dave and getting to know more about him through the web.

His first famous event was Expedition1000 where Dave has taken on adventures of over 1,000 miles each in 25 different non-motorised ways.

However, Dave is about breaking barriers and building communities, and what better way than SayYesMore. Started in 2012 as a way to encourage people to do more of what they say they will and actually doing it.

This project went on to become the Yestival where the Yestribe first came together in 2015. The Yestribe is a global community of people who love the outdoors and adventures that come with being outdoors.

Get some ideas from Dave at The Playing Human Conference, nothing stops him from living life to the full. Surfing on top of life is his way and he will be sharing how we can all become more living and alive.

Dave travels, speaks, writes, presents and films for a living. His keynote speech is a motivating and inspirational kick up the backside for anyone who ever wondered whether they were capable of doing more.

I cannot wait to connect with the side of life that is often hidden from me because of serious commitments. Really looking forward to discovering the real adventure that is me and inside me. How about you?

“If you are really really stuck just say ‘Yes’ a bit more and amazing things happen, doors will open. Life will always be better if you do that one”, Dave Cornthwaite.

Please visit to learn more about Dave.

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 5-7 June 2020. Book on

Meet Ant Bennett, the Miracle Man

The time has come for our keynote speakers to be introduced.

The Laughter Yoga 25th Anniversary and The Playing Human Conference in London on 5-7 June 2020 may seem a long time away but we have some amazing people to introduce in the meantime.

Please meet Ant Bennett who was briefly introduced in our February Laughter News.

Anthony’s life changed after he was diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses after a trip to EuroDisney. He needed to be resuscitated 12 times and was given a 10% chance of survival after returning from the school trip to Paris in 2006.

Nothing shorter than a miracle happened when Ant made a full recovery that shocked medical experts.

He went on to help secure a £7.5m charity partnership between Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and Whitbread hotels and restaurants.

He spent 5 years working for the company, motivating over 20,000 team members around the UK, building engagement and leading multiple campaigns to support the charity partnership, and even smashed the original £7.5m target by raising £8.5m to help fund a new wing at the children’s hospital.

Ant now works for himself as a full-time inspirational keynote speaker having held more than 200 sessions.

His passion is helping people to unlock their full potential and finding a motivating focus point towards achieving long and short term goals.

Please visit to learn more about Ant.

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 5-7 June 2020. Book on

Why The Playing Human Conference is key!

This is Pady O’Connor

Here is the thing, I decided who would speak and I also decided the name of the conference.

I had an idea and I ran with it, hoping and praying it would be of interest to everyone in and outside the Laughter Yoga World. Please read on…

Inspiration hit me following the day with Pady O’Connor and Patch Adams in April  2017, and it took me back to my childhood experience of an art exhibition in Denmark.

What is so important about playing as an adult? Grown-ups must be serious and focused or they will not achieve. Something we hear or are told or have told others.

This is Leif Hansen

The journey of putting together The Playing Human Conference has been amazing and stressful, too, not knowing if people would actually support this fantastic event or simply not bother at all, and there are still a few steps before we are there.

I believe in this event and many more to come but my trust and faith is not the key to making it happen, your commitment is just as important.

This is Shonette Bason Wood

The Playing Human Conference is not only for the Laughter Yoga Community, which is a group I know very well, but it is for everyone who find themselves in serious jobs, a serious relationship, serious life events, it is for fun-loving, joyful people, too, people who want a bit of extra oomph!

I can tell you all the stats and point you to the research and background for why playing as an adult is important but you will need to find the meaning of play within yourself.

This is Robert Holden

Open your heart and your mind to the possibility that there is another way than being seriously involved in your work, family, friends, and life.

Being playful doesn’t mean ‘not-serious’ about it all, it simply means that you have chosen to become more creative, focused, motivated and determined in all areas of life!

And the bonus is that you will experience more laughter which makes you feel healthy and energetic on top of it all.

This is Linda Leclerc

This year it has become even more clear to me the impact of our stressful lives and ways, so many people within my network have suffered strokes, heart-attacks, stress related conditions, cancer diagnosis, other stress and health-related events, along with mental health and anxiety challenges.

Many did not survive.

It makes me cry and feel so immensely sad because what will it take? What will it take before we get that our ways must change?

Peace within creates peace outside ourselves – even if we start with just one person, ourselves, one person is enough to start the ball rolling.

This is Jo-Dee Walmsley (in front)

Play in the workplace, one person who is playful is enough to start a trend even if it seems it isn’t. If you are a stand for your idea and it is for the good of all people involved then there is always a chance. Even if it seems you knock your head against wall upon wall upon wall.

  • We want to be happy.
  • We want to be healthy.
  • We want to live life to the full in relation to what we deem to be full for us.

Choose to come to The Playing Human Conference – it may give you valuable insights and then some…

The Playing Human Conference is less than a month away and here is how things have been

  • I Skyped with Robert Holden last year. He is fun and amazingly playful – I only have a fraction of an idea of what he will talk about and share with us but he knows what it is all about and that’s what counts…
  • I met with Leif Hansen and his lovely family this summer. He is lighthearted and full of wonderful mischief – I have no doubt we will all benefit from his work…
  • I reconnected with my Haha Sister Linda Leclerc. She is the key to laughter and joy – I cannot wait to experience the nature of her work with you all…
  • I laughed with Shonette Bason Wood. She is the comedy queen and her ideas for creating daily playfulness – this is what we all need today and tomorrow…
  • I chatted with Pady O’Connor this spring. He is joyously fantastic with a view to create positive change from within and his work with masks is enchanting and inspiring – I have no doubt we will learn how to play and mask it all…
  • I connected with the Patch Adams’ Team. He is clown-extraordinaire and is on a mission to change the world – I believe in the magic he shares and I am sure we will see the world in a different light after his moment with us…
  • I have schemed and planned with Jo-Dee Walmsley. She is the top of MCs and has a cheerful attitude and approach to introducing key people – I am so chuffed she is with us, we can all benefit from confident presentations…

and TODAY I spoke with Jeremy Gilley and it really touches, moves and inspires me to introduce him because his cause is what we all want.

This is Jeremy Gilley

Jeremy is the man behind Peace One Day and International Peace Day 21 September and he is closing The Playing Human Conference on 28 September with an inspired moment of the joy that peace creates when we share it with others.

No better way to end the conference than with inspiration to pursue peace no matter what!

I cannot wait and I have to pinch myself sometimes when I ponder on the line-up for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September.

If you are still undecided about the conference, I rest my case. If these people do not inspire you to come then there is nothing more I can add other than I hope to share laughter and joy with you another time.

  • Leif is an awesome improvisor and motivator
  • Pady is the key to unmasking your true self
  • Robert is THE happiness expert
  • Patch is synonymous with clowning and playing
  • Shonette is play and mischief in one person
  • Linda is a true laughter chocolatier,
  • Jeremy is the delightful holder of peace and community!

This is Patch Adams (with the chicken hat)

This is what you get, these people are coming to share their stories and their methods. Book before it is too late, book two people and save or book one person and save less but you still save.

The Playing Human Conference is held at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018.

Book at £250 for the two days on and if you book two people check out with coupon ‘specialfortwo’ to get your discount and pay only £350 in total.

Meet Lotte Mikkelsen of UnitedMind Laughter Yoga in London and the UK

This month we are introducing the Organiseer of The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September 2018 branded as Your Everyday Laughter Queen #youreverydaylaughterqueen.

This really IS our final introduction of the key people of The Playing Human Conference – meet Lotte Mikkelsen, Laughter Ambassador and Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the UK!

She is the organiser of The Playing Human Conference this year and has been the driver of many Laughter Yoga Conferences in the past in the UK. She has also been instrumental in the development and spreading of Laughter Yoga in United Kingdom since 2003. Read more about her…

With a background spanning from mid-80s until 2010 (although part-time from 2001-2010) in national and international technology companies Lotte has had a closer encounter with the stress of worklife since she first started her IT career. Positions in technical support, sales, product management, top management and marketing took her on a journey through the fast-paced 90s technology sector with targets, sales, conventions, exhibitions and late budget and planning meetings.

Laughter Yoga was her answer to escaping the so-called rat-race.

When Lotte had her first experience of Laughter Yoga in Copenhagen at World Laughter Day (known as the HappyDemic with almost 10,000 people gathered) in January 2000 her decision was clear – this was her path to changing the world with a smile and a laugh. It was a way to become more light-hearted, playful and take life less seriously which had been her experience for many years.

‘My life didn’t change overnight but some good things take time and I am just happy that I did go for the dream and started laughing part time when I launched UnitedMind in 2002, and even better, full time in 2010 when I decided to quit the IT business. The best career move ever – for me.’

And it has certainly changed Lotte’s life from selling software and networking solutions to multi-million companies to sharing laughter with thousands of people in corporate and private groups.

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018

Meet Jo-Dee Walmsley of Simply Laughter

This month we are introducing our MC for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September 2018.

Last but not least in the line up presentation of second to none world class speakers is our superb MC, Jo-Dee Walmsley of Simply Laughter!

She is our MC at The Playing Human Conference in London, and will be presenting speakers from all over the world. Read more about her…

As an experienced motivational speaker and energizer and Global Laughter Ambassador, she shows the path via her Laughter Program to more rewarding, creative and productive states of mind, perfected in recent years in keynotes and in workshops, tailored to Blue-Chip corporations and many more in Dubai, and is now bringing her unique and vitalizing charisma to the UK and Europe and beyond.

In January 2018 Jo-Dee launched the Simply Laughter Online Summit with more than 40 expert speakers sharing their thoughts, ideas, knowledge and wisdom on topics of laughter, health, presentation skills, online presence, business-wise and much more for anyone with a dream to follow.

Please visit to find out how you can get access to this wealth of information. You get lifetime access to view and listen in your own time.

Jo-Dee has mastered the art of communication, connecting with people through optimism and energy. Her network of professionals across all business sectors is built on her ability to connect with professionalism and her personal transformational brand.

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018

Meet Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day

This month we are introducing our final key-note speaker for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September 2018.

Last but not least in the line up presentation of second to none world class speakers, Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day!

In 1998 Jeremy began to make the Peace One Day documentary, eventually deciding to aim for a UN resolution that would formalise the idea. This goal was reached in 2001 when United Nations unanimously adopted a General Assembly Resolution to establish 21 September as International Day of Peace!

The Peace One Day website writes: “Peace Day is an opportunity for UN agencies and NGOs to focus their ongoing life-saving activities within a global context. The impact of a day of global ceasefire and non-violence cannot be underestimated. Throughout the years, millions of people have been active on Peace Day in every country of the world, and hundreds of organisations have carried out life-saving activities in areas of conflict.”

Read more about Jeremy’s unstoppable efforts on Evening Standard on

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018

Meet Pady O’Connor of MeeMee Theatre

Over the coming months we will be introducing our key-note speakers for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September 2018.

It is with great excitement that we welcome back Pady O’Connor – Clown Doctor and Artistic Director of MeeMee Theatre. Pady showed a few of his exciting methods last year in London and he is back to play with us!

Pady works his magic in North-East England as Clown Doctor, Dr Johan Cherrywolf, or Jonah to his mother, where he comes from a family of wrestlers called the Von Wolf’s. He was set to follow in his family’s footsteps, but Johan was walking one day, lost his footing and stumbled. He found himself hanging onto the edge of a cliff. Just as his grip started to loosen, and the end seemed inevitable, a small hairy leg and hoof lifted him to safety. Standing nearby was a deer – one crystal tear fell from its eye and it then vanished. That moment will stay with Johan forever, and he decided then to help in life in whatever way he could.

And that is just the introduction to Pady’s alter ego, Dr Johan Cherrywolf… there is MUCH more to his work and he will be sharing some of it with us.

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018

Meet Shonette Bason Wood of Spread the Happiness

Over the coming months we will be introducing our key-note speakers for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September 2018.

No one is even close to comparing to Shonette Bason Wood. This outspoken, self-expressed, fabulous teacher who loves playing, laughing and anything that raises an eyebrow.

To top it all up she is a brilliantly successful business woman with a charity that changes the world for families with every initiative they kick off.

Shonette is her name and Spread the Happiness is her game!

Shonette also recently launched her own comedy show.

For one self help comedy night in Woolworth Social Club Shonette will entertain you! All ticket sales will go to Spreading the Happiness Shonette’s charity that feeds the homeless and families in poverty. All the bar sales will go to the club so please drink generously and bring friends who are big drinkers! This is a night never to be forgotten. Click HERE to book your tickets now.

One whirlwind comedian and life changer you do not want to miss!

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018

Meet Robert Holden of Happiness Project

Over the coming months we will be introducing our key-note speakers for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September 2018.

In our January News we introduced Robert Holden, Founder of the Happiness Project and Success Intelligence – known as the leading happiness expert in the UK! Robert is a genuine and kindhearted man who lives what he teaches. It is a real privilege to connect with him and I hope you will take this opportunity and join us on 27-28 September when Robert will be opening The Playing Human Conference.

When I connected with Robert on Skype some months ago to discuss the conference and his idea for the content of his key-note presentation I connected with a charming, charismatic Brit who was oozing a playful attitude while still being serious about his work – and this was my experience from simply meeting him online. Robert is living happiness and what he will be sharing with us is a mystery to me, he will know at the time, and I for one am eversoexcited!

The Tea Meditation below is a bit longer than other videos I have presented with our key-note speakers but please take the time for this 20 minute talk on the Age of More and the Tea Meditation.

“One new perception, one fresh thought, one act of surrender, one change of heart, one leap of faith, can change your life forever.” Robert Holden, The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018

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