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The International LAFTAS & The Playing Human Conference 02-04 June 2023


The Playing Human Conference will be back in June 2020 and we will take the opportunity to kick off with a day of Laughter Yoga in celebration of its 25th Anniversary.

Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL

Friday 5 June 2020 we open the doors to a very special event with amazing people who make a real difference in the world through their work, we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Laughter Yoga.

On Saturday 6 June 2020 and Sunday 7 June 2020 it is time for the second Playing Human Conference and we will shortly reveal the key notes.

The fee is £100 early bird until end of 2018, followed by £150.

Early programme – may change…

09:30 Registration Return Return
10:00 Welcome Welcome back Welcome back
10:15 Madan Kataria Ant Bennett Maggie Irving
11:30 Break Break Break
12:00 Corinne Cosseron Dave Cornthwaite Albert Nerenberg
13:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30 Pauline Fung Sue Haswell Miriam Akhtar
15:30 Eser Mutlu tba
16:00 Kate Hull Rodgers Yesim Kunter
16:50 Finishing Day-1 Finishing Day-2 Finishing the Conference



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