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We have achieved much over the years in business and have a whole list of milestones we would like to share.

There are many more achievements and challenges that did not make it to the list as of yet but we have much more to come.

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  • In 2007 UnitedMind’s training programme took off and since then the company has become one of the most popular Laughter Yoga Training providers in the UK. There are many Laughter Professionals in the country offering laughter training but only few with the background and experience that is brought to the table by Lotte Mikkelsen and UnitedMind.
  • In 2008 UnitedMind founded the Telephone Laughter Club as a means to offer a life changing service to people across the UK. People dial in Monday to Friday at 7 in the morning to laugh for a full 10 minutes in order to harvest the full benefits of laughter. The story behind The Telephone Laughter Club is available to read on the UnitedMind website.
  • In 2009 UnitedMind became the number one provider of Laughter Yoga Leader Training in the UK with the highest number of newly trained Laughter Yoga Leaders venturing into the market of therapeutic laughter across the country.
  • In 2010 UnitedMind joined forces with The Regency Training Foundation, a local charity, to provide training programmes for the community in order to combat social exclusion.
  • In 2011 UnitedMind teamed up with communications experts, Sole Developers, in North-East England to provide transformational communication workshops based on Gibberish and Laughter techniques – a unique way of empowering individuals as well as teams in sales department, management floors, marketing etc.
  • In 2012 UnitedMind became the first company in the UK to offer the Laughter Yoga Teacher training, previously only taught by Dr. Madan Kataria and appointed Master Trainers in the US.
    The Laughter Yoga University development in Bangalore is requiring Dr. Kataria’s focus and attention and he is training and appointing key-people around the world to facilitate the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training. In the UK the training is solely delivered by Lotte Mikkelsen of UnitedMind.
  • In 2013 UnitedMind extended the Laughter Yoga programmes with a new and unique Laughter Therapy Facilitator Training, The Psychology of Laughter. This new programme focuses on the physhological aspects of laughter and brings in the physiology of laughter from a different angle than that of Laughter Yoga.
    UnitedMind decided to extend the reach of The Laughter Club International (UK) and in 2013 arrangements were made to secure venues in both St. Albans and Peterlee for the expansion.
  • In 2014 UnitedMind organised the Advanced Training Day for Laughter Yoga Professionals with the Founders of Laughter Yoga International being the teachers for the day. The training day on 7 June kicked off the UK Laughter Festival.
    Furthermore, UnitedMind organised the Laughter Flashmob in London together with Laughterlines Coaching.
  • In 2015 another milestone for UnitedMind was laid as the company organised the 20th Anniversary Laughter Yoga Conference in the UK. With international speakers and delegated from around the world attending this 3-day event.
    In addition, the first Laughter Yoga Professionals’ meeting for planning and improving services in the UK was launched in London.
  • In early 2016 UnitedMind formed two new alliances. The first brick was laid in the work with Retune London who offers corporate well-being awaydays, and UnitedMind is thrilled to be offering the laughter workshops on their programmes.
    Another alliance was formed with Feel Hot Yoga in Hertfordshire. With studios in Watford and St. Albans Feel Hot Yoga aims to bring Laughter Yoga to their clients as well as non-yoga residents in Hertfordshire.
    It was a great privilege to be accepted as a Corporate Member of ISMA (International Stress Management Association) and UnitedMind is excited about the opportunity this brings to the market of therapeutic laughter.
    The Laughter Therapist Training programme has been in the making for almost a decade and in 2016 it was launched after having received accreditation station with WCI (World Certification Institute).
  • It was first week of January and already 2017 was sprouting with new laughter-related activities.
    UnitedMind formed a new workshop delivery relationship with The Vital Touch who provides workplace wellbeing services.
    1st January 2017 also saw the launch of Laughter Association UK which is a members organisation initiated by Lotte Mikkelsen in response to Laughter Colleagues’ request for networking and for standards in a business space that is still new.
    2017 has been the year when UnitedMind organised a workshop day in London with the REAL Patch Adams, MD, and UK Clown Doctor Pady O’Conner. A key-event in the UK!
    New alliances were formed with Run Yoga Run and Joyful Living. Working together to bring health and wellness to workplaces in London and the South of England.
  • 2018 has started with lots of laughter as we formed a new alliance with event company HEAPS + STACKS who work with high profile clients in London.
  • In 2019 UnitedMind experienced another growthspurt as provider of Laughter Yoga Training, and it was time to raise the profile of Laughter Yoga and UnitedMind achieved Accreditation for the Laughter Yoga Training courses.
  • To kick off 2020 UnitedMind worked with Atopia’s event organsiers to promote Laughter Yoga and their brand for responsible drinking. This was a big event on so-called Blue Monday in January 2020.

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