Laughing at MS Life 2016 in London

MS Annual Meeting 2013

MS Annual Meeting 2013

The MS Life event was held in Manchester in 2012 and 2014, a bi-annual event where I am excited to have been sharing Laughter Yoga – and now in London.

MS Society sent out a press release on Monday 22 August. You can access it on MS Society Press Release Lotte Mikkelsen St Albans Hertfordshire.

Sisters and brother

Sisters and brother

My background with MS is a long one that started around 1990 when my sister was diagnosed with MS. She died in 1991 only one year following the diagnosis.

I never thought of MS as a hereditary condition.

Until January 2008 when I had the diagnosis MS. Tthe consultant I was seeing at the time simply told me that being the same gene-pool meant it was likely that I would be more at risk.

So there – a complete change of plans for my life as I knew it (I thought).

I started The Telephone Laughter Club where we laughed for the first six months seven days a week and it was great. Now we don’t laugh at weekend (haha)…

It was a means for me to combat stress. Through laughing every day I was hoping to avoid relapses which occur when your body is worn down, typically from too much stress nagging at your immune system.

What a boost!

The Telephone Laughter Club laughs Monday to Friday at 7am to 7:10am – only 10 minutes of laughter in the morning to kick off on a high sets you up for a great day. We top it up at 12noon to 12:10pm and finish the day from 6:30pm to 6:40pm.

You can read the story of The Telephone Laughter Club on And also read about the training, coaching, workshops and other laughter-based events I run and co-organise around the country.

Three Laughter Yoga Business Experts for the price of one

Linda Merv Lotte 10 December 2015Three Laughter Yoga Business Experts for the price of one

On the back of the already successful Laughter Business Experts Program, you can now have the services of all three during the first four business program establishment sessions.

This way you can get the specialist skills of that particular expert in their specific field.

Read more about the programme on and get in touch!


Laughter Yoga has many facets and applications. One of them is to present it at Conferences, to Corporates, and to Businesses where substantial income can be received.

There is a need for people who wish to create a Laughter Yoga business to be able to maximize the opportunities that are now available in this area. T

These Business Experts will train, coach, and mentor interested people over a period of 12 months. The purpose of this program is to assist Laughter Yogis to obtain and maximize commercial opportunities that are available by using Laughter Yoga.

Notes for interested parties

  1. Merv Neal CEO Laughter Yoga Australia. Merv is an expert in establishing Strategic Business Plans that work.
  2. Lotte Mikkelsen Founder UnitedMind Ltd. Lotte has more than 20 years experience in Corporate Sales and Product Marketing.
  3. Linda Leclerc Founder Canadian School of Laughter Yoga. Linda is a respected keynote speaker, facilitator and trainer. She is as comfortable in a small group as she is on stage before a crowd of hundreds.
  4. To arrange a FREE interview with an expert please email any of the above.

Or book a place on the next 4-week Business Experts Programme, starting 4th May 2016, on

For more information on Laughter Yoga Business Experts Program visit