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  • A Laughter Yoga Master Trainer’s reflection

And just to mention

A LYMT’s reflection

When I was 7 years old (please bear in mind that the school system is different in Denmark) and returned to school after the summer that year we were all asked to write an essay about the month of our birthday.

My story started in the following way:

“In September all the apples fall off the trees. And then you have to be careful or you will be hit in your head…”

More than 10 drafts later and I had still not perfected that sentence – I don’t remember the rest of the story but I do remember wanting it to be perfect but it never was because my mum stopped me when she proclaimed that I had wasted enough paper.

Nothing is ever perfect until we accept that in the moment it is created it is as perfect as the thought that initiated the event. In that moment…

It is accepting that if perfect is what we want other people to experience it won’t ever happen because who are we to judge what is perfect in other people’s view.

Laughter brings you to the present because you cannot laugh in the past and you cannot laugh in the future – and in that moment everything is blissful perfectionism because you cannot feel regret, resentment, anger, hate and all those other negatively-labeled feelings and emotions when you truly laugh. How perfect is that?

I never wanted to be a writer anyway, I wanted to be an actress.

Things changed when I didn’t get into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in Copenhagen – I was lazy and thought that my AMAZING talent (haha) was enough without having to practice. As they say, practice makes perfect – so once again, I didn’t get the perfect experience.

Now I didn’t know what to do because for so many years acting had been top of my work wishlist.

By chance I was thrown into working with technology, back then we celebrated upgrading from 8086 to 80286, and I liked my colleagues and the business so I felt it was an okay place to stay until I figured out what I wanted to do… I did well but had a lot of changes of jobs because there was always something not quite perfect.

Almost 15 years later I went to World Laughter Day on the first Sunday in January 2000 and I knew that was my calling!

It still took me some years to take action and I still worked in the IT industry while setting up my laughter and healing business for some years. Plus a lot of other changes!

When you take a chance and go from ‘a-ok’ to ‘extraordinary’ then ‘perfect’ changes. I went from okay and making great money and all to taking an chance and live my life from an extraordinary angle where it all went on outside the famous comfort zone.

Perfect is a made up realm of other people’s opinions. Or it is a choice!

September is my birthday month as you may have figured, and I welcome you to this transformational month where fruits drop from trees and colours slowly change into flames and whirls.

Laughter Yoga happens all year around and is constantly transforming lives!


Back to what this is all about… Perfect.

Nothing is ever perfect and everything is perfect just the way it is.

I have been teaching Laughter Yoga Leaders since 2007 and I am touched, moved, and inspired by the 800+ people who trusted me to teach them something different that what we know.

I may not be perfect but laughter truly is and I salute you, my homies.

And we have a choice to bring this beauty into our lives – to learn how to share the moments of joy and open up a new way of celebrating life and love.

I am passionate about the work I do because I know it works.

I works when letting go of what could be, chould be, would be, and I know it is my choice to either be having challenging business times or to embrace the challenges and know that everything is more than okay no matter what.

It is an attutude that develops and helps you cope and be resilient in life as challenges pop in and out of view.

When you train with me I always hope to inspire you to make the choices you need to make for yourself and your life – there is nothing right and nothing wrong with staying put adn the same is the case for moving forward. Again, labels we add when we think other people’s opinions are more important than our gut feeling.

Why tell this story?

Well, the moral of it all, I suppose, is that although I may not be perfect, laughter really is, and if I can teach kindred spirits a little bit of this beautiful way of being and relating to the self, others and life in general, to encourage fun, joy, happiness, compassion and good-hearted, mindful living then I learn a lot myself and will always be around even when things seem up in a heap or overly challenging. As well as when the sun is out and life is smiling!

This past year has brought into my view and into my heart that laughter is perfect as it brings about other things, too, all of which happen for a reason, and although there have been less than perfect moments to tackle in the past year, Laughter Yoga really has kept my spirit high and I look forward to breaking through new barriers and sharing new laughs with old and new laughers as I move into my next year.

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