New Year surprise from Boots

The new year, 2017, has started with an amazing present from Boots in their Boots Health & Beauty Magazine – a real boost.

When I ventured to Kent on a hot, hot day last year to laugh with the lovely freelance journalist, Robyn Wilder, who was commissioned to write an article about Laughter Yoga by Boots, I was excited and started my giggles whilst queueing on M25. A great tip for anyone stuck in traffic, just say ‘teehee’ a few times to yourself and your are off…

The meeting and the laughter we shared showed the importance of connecting with the people we set out to share our work with on a deeper level than just a handshake and a ‘hello’.

As Laughter Yoga Master Trainer and Laughter Therapist Teacher I have changed 10-fold or even 1000-fold or more from being a result-driven corporate suit to who I am today, being compassionate, authentic, empathetic and true.

It moves me so much when Robyn and my students and other clients feel the change from sharing laughter, and I know that there is so much we can do to create positive change together.

Take the plunge – (re)learn to laugh!

Please read the articel in Boots Health & Beauty Magazine – it really is excellent and tells you honestly about the discomfort that you may feel at your first encounter with laughing for no reason.

Don’t worry, it shifts really quickly!

If you are interested in trying Laughter Yoga, please feel free to join us on 21 January at 12noon to 1pm at Aboyne Lodge School in St Albans. Please email for more details,

Give the gift of laughter!

img_0798-25pctOur Newsletter is full of ideas and messages, mostly about laughter.

The news starts with the following…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but for many people it is not the most wonderful time of the year and life challenges seem to be what is in focus – for young as well as old and older.

Welcome to December 2016 News from UnitedMind where the headline is:

Give the gift of laughter, team training, a coping strategy and Other Monthly News from UnitedMind and The Laughter Club International

We hope you will enjoy our final monthly news of 2016 and look forward to welcoming you back in 2017!

Healthy Magazine experienced Laughter Yoga

Healthy Magazine July 2016When I entered the London offices of The River Group in London in June 2016 I was looking forward to a fun laughter session with the team from Healthy Magazine.

They were laughter-ready and we shared some great laughs.

I reminds me that when media picks up the story of Laughter Yoga there is no guarantee they will enjoy it the way Laughter Yoga Professionals do but when these influencers do enjoy the laughter it is such a blessing and I feel so much gratitude that they shared their experience.

Thank you to all journalists – those who enjoyed laughing with us and also those who didn’t enjoy it and made their views clear but still recommended Laughter Yoga as a way to bring more joy and play into life.

See some of the news we ended up in over the years on

Please do get in touch to hear more about Laughter Yoga, Laughter Therapy or anything else that may tickle your giggle, email or phone 0800 1214 714 or 07736 341 717.

Tatler Magazine on Telephone Laughter

IMG_6084[1]Ian Ramsey of Tatler Magazine wrote an excellent article about Laughter Yoga, and The Telephone Laughter Club.

Early in 2016 Ian ventured to a Laughter Club in London, met with Lisa Sturge of Chichester Laughter Club, and trialled The Telephone Laughter Club – all as part of his research for this article about Laughter Yoga and why we practice this amazing exercise “routine”.

It is out now and you can read it online on

For more information about Laughter Workshops, Laughter Training, Laughter Clubs and Telephone Laughter please contact us on

Angel of the North Laughter Club

IMG_5127On World Laughter Day 2016 the Angel of the North Laughter Club was agreed upon.

The first laughter club laugh was held on 5th June 2016 and we had lots of fun in the sun.

We laugh on the first Sunday every month from 10:30am to 11:30am by the feet of the famous statue.

Next time we meet and laugh is on 3rd July 2016 – you don’t want to miss it!

Please get in touch on and let me know that you will be joining us and how many you will be coming.

UnitedMind joining ISMA as Corporate Member

ISMA LogoWe are extremely proud and excited to have been accepted as Corporate Member of ISMA, International Stress Management Association.

Our workshops and training, which incorporate laughter-based techniques to encourage positive change, target stress in the workplace and at home.

Health Champions and other key staff members train to adopt the techniques in their teams and individuals bring laughter to their communities, sharing Laughter Yoga as part of a healthy, stress-combating tool for alround personal and professional growth.

Read more about our approach on Corporate Stress.

About ISMA
Since 1984, the role of ISMAUK has been to raise the profile of stress-related issues both in the home and workplace; combat the stigma often associated with personal stress; change attitudes towards the management of stress at work.

Learn to laugh again!

IMG_8714It may seem like a random thing to say because everyone laughs.

However, just think about your laughter for a moment; how often do you laugh, how long, how deep and hearty, with whom – or without anyone, when do you laugh?

Constant questions.

But why question laughter?

Perhaps a good reason is that we add reason to laughing instead of experiencing laughter from within. Laughter becomes an intellectual item as we grow up and grow older, something we share based on our sense of humour, or lack of it.

Catharsis is release. To experience catharsis we need to allow ourselves to let go and become present with the experience of laughter instead of holding it back in order to stay in control.

Control and laughter do not go well together!

Learn how to re-connect with your laughter through Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy.