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Laughter Research

Laughter Research

There is substantial evidence and scientific facts publically available to support the need for a varied training programme inclusive of therapeutic laughter as a skill.

In September 2011 new scientific research on the benefits of laughter, including Laughter Yoga, was published by Oxford University and news and media around the world picked up the story with great interest.

In United Kingdom at least 28 interviews were conducted with Laughter Professionals within 36 hours of the release.

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Oxford University Research by Professor Robin Dunbar

University of Oxford researchers found that a good laugh is linked with feeling less pain, and it is likely because laughing spurs the body to release feel-good chemicals, the endorphins, which can also act as painkillers.

Read about the research on Oxford University’s page.

Or in some of the news:

Essay from Basil Hugh Bsc Zoology (Leic. 1962)

Workplace challenges

The following paragraphs highlight some of the issues currently faced by many workplaces in the UK and as such emphasise the needs in respect of additional staff development and training within alternative methods of practice and in particular in learning laughter and happiness techniques:

  • The article ‘Reducing Absenteeism in the Workplace’ by Paul Roberts of IHC (one of the leading health care specialists in the UK) suggests that approximately 12.4 million workdays are lost annually owing to stress, depression and anxiety.
  • The same article states that the latest figures show that a staggering 40 million days are lost each year to workplace absence, and according to the Chartered Business Institute, every day that an employee is not at their desk, it costs their employer £533.
  • The estimated sickness absence cost to the UK economy, published by Department for Work and Pensions for 2004/2005, was said to be in excess of £12 billion.
  • The Institute of Alcohol Studies published a study in 2007 discussing the effect of alcohol in the workplace and the costs to society. 77% of employers interviewed for the study agreed that alcohol was a major threat to employee wellbeing and a factor encouraging sickness absence.
  • People suffering from alcohol or other psychological disorders are the people who require alternative methods to re-position themselves in the workplace and society in general.
  • According to the Samaritans bullying affects one in four people in the workplace today. 19 million sick days are lost to bullying and, according to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), the estimated cost for disputes exceeds £120 million per year.

Laughter in the workplace

There is no doubt that the health benefits of laughter are extensive.

Many diseases today are caused by stress and anxiety.

By laughing natural chemicals, that lower the level of stress hormones, are released into the body.

This in turn will put people in a positive frame of mind with more energy to cope with the challenges of life including work situations.

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