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Loving Life

Loving Life – Laughter Therapy and Joy Workshop

Choose your formula for happiness.

The Laughter and Joy workshop is designed to combine laughter with your sense of happiness!

By using different techniques to go beyond your ‘normal self” you find yourself in a position where you are able to choose the direction of your life and what you want in it.

During this workshop you will explore the laughter you have in your life and how it can affect you and allow you to live a fun-filled happy way.

You will learn ways to play with life and have fun with being busy at work, as a mum, as a dad, as a life partner, as a family, as a friend – basically in all parts of your life.

This is only the beginning!

Laugh a little – live a little more!

Live Life Laughing!

Join us for a day of fun and confidence building using laughter to make you feel better about yourself.

Learn how our mind and body affect each other, and how we can develop awareness of this and control it for our own benefit – whilst having lots of fun.

This day of laughter will help you let go stress and tension, relax and unwind.

This workshop is for anyone who knows the value of laughter or want to learn how to use laughter in their workplace, have a good laugh and de-stress.

For further details and information about tailored Laughter Yoga programmes for the workplace or information about Laughter Yoga and laughter training please contact us.

Laughter Warning!

  • it is highly infectious and could seriously affect your health and happiness
  • it is known to cause people to actually enjoy their stress – when applied liberally

Laughter and Happiness

For many people happiness is a vision outside of one self. Once the item of our ‘happiness-achievement’ has been reached another item quickly replaces this and the object for our happiness moves along with it.

When we laugh and experience true joyfulness we are able to achieve a sense of happiness instantly and independent of outside factors.

Joy and laughter is at the core of us and in order to achieve happiness we need to get in touch with those playful elements.

Important Notes

Laughter is easy…

  • No special clothing or equipment is required.
  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothes are recommended
  • Participants with medical conditions must advise on registration
  • Full payment is due on registration
  • Fee does not include accommodation or travel

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