Laughter Yoga and Related Links

The internet shares a wealth of information and below are a number of links favoured by UnitedMind.

Over the past couple of years the attention from the press has increased and the number of journalists interested in the topic of laughter and health has been on the rise.

Hopefully the effort of bringing health through laughter to people will continue to be of interest all around the UK and beyond.

The UK needs more laughter and UnitedMind is as ready as ever to provide Laughter Yoga to businesses and individuals.


Google Maps:

Laughter Yoga International

Steve Wilson’s World Laughter Tour in the States

Robert Holden’s Happiness Project

Patch Adams

Rick Hauser’s Laughter Yoga in Chicago

Bert Komesker’s Lachclub Recklinghausen, Germany

Lachclub Osnabruck in Germany

Laugh Angeles Foundation – American School of Laughter Yoga

Birmingham Therapy and Laughter

Laughter Network in the UK

Laughter Association UK

Health & Happiness

Lotte Mikkelsen – Your Everyday Laughter Queen

Laughter Yoga in London and the UK with Lotte Mikkelsen and Julie Whitehead

Laughter Yoga Ltd

The Crystal Healer – News from Author Philip Permutt, The Crystal Healer

Holistic Directory – Complementary Therapists and Alternative Health Practitioners

Health & BeautyUK Directory

UnitedMind Ltd. can also be found on

UnitedMind Ltd can also be found on

Chikara Reiki Do

Gary Craig’s EmoFree EFT

Precision Reflexology

Moodbreakers – counselling and therapies to help you through anger, depression, stress, trauma and much more

The Regency Training Foundation

Barefoot Doctor

Ear Candles by Birte

Peace One Day – What will you do to make Peace happen?

The Elders – We are moving to a global village and yet we don’t have our global elders. The Elders can be a group who have the trust of the world, who can speak freely, be fiercely independent and respond fast and flexibly in conflict situations.


UnitedMind on YouTube

MS Life 2012 Event

MS Life 2012 Event Laugh

World Laughter Day 2009 St Albans

The Laughter Network July 2008 – summer gathering

The Laughter Network November 2008 – Christmas Gree-hee-hee-ting

MK TV 12th April 2007 Interview

Benefits of Laughter Yoga – with John Cleese

Laughter Yoga – on Discovery Channel

Laughter Yoga – on CNN