Accreditation and Certification

So what is all this hoohaa with accreditation?

For many years I have been wanting the accreditation stamp for the Laughter Yoga Training courses in the UK.

I already had Laughter Therapist Training accredited by an American organisation back in 2016 when I launched the course under the UnitedMind umbrella of training courses and now it has been accredited in the UK together with the Laughter Yoga training courses.

FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) is the awarding organisation and I am so thrilled this process is now complete. It has taken almost four months from first application and until the criteria for tutors and training have been met fully in order to comply.

There are currently two Laughter Yoga Teacher who can teach Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training but the list will grow in the coming months.

Laughter Yoga Teachers Sue Haswell and Lotte Mikkelsen

The requirements to become a tutor for the Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training are

  • to comply with the training standards of delivery and assessment
  • hold a valid First Aid Level 3 certificate along with professional liability and indemnity insurance to cover teaching and issuing certificates for Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training
  • have a certificate in teaching Laughter Yoga from UnitedMind and the seal of approval for teaching accredited training from UnitedMind
  • ideally have a certificate in teaching, e.g. PTLLS Award, NVQ or similar
  • submit a video to show own presentation skills in a Laughter Club or laughter session as delivery is key to teaching the basic skills to others

What are the benefits of Accreditation?

Accreditation can offer several important benefits:

  • First of all it puts a stamp of approval on graduates: graduating from an accredited institution indicates that graduates are expected to be ready to practice at a certain level.
  • Accreditation is a means to building your reputation as a professional tutor and be known as a premier provider. This may be a real deal breaker for potential clients choosing your training and workshops.
  • Knowing the services are being provided in a way that complies with high standards and professional conduct.
  • Accreditation protects the interests of students, the training provider themselves, as well as potential clients looking for professionals, as it ensures that the training offered have met and exceeded standards that were developed by experts in the field of the topic.
  • Although accreditation does not ensure that every Laughter Therapist, Laughter Yoga Leader, Coach or Teacher completing on the programmes will become successful with Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy, it does guarantee that the graduate has demonstrated a certain set of skills and abilities which are defined and reflected in the accreditation criteria.
  • Furthermore, in this world of alternative methods and practices the accreditation may indeed be the reason some choose the courses.

In any case, I am really chuffed that the Laughter Yoga Training courses are now accredited and provided by approved Laughter Yoga Teachers in the UK.