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Welcome to Laughter Yoga, Therapy and Training

- by UnitedMind, the laughter therapy, training and workshop company, and Laughter Yoga Training Centre
Lotte MikkelsenUnitedMind specialise in long-lasting personal and professional growth through laughter, joyfulness, happiness and holistic health.
Our laughter workshops and laughter training programmes combine laughter, breathing and business in a recipe for success, proving that Laughter Yoga, and Laughter Therapy is a valid and important element and part of any workplace training scheme as well as for individuals.
For more than a decade UnitedMind have provided workshop and training programmes for teams and individuals across the UK and the rest of Europe. We are always on the forefront with new programmes to tackle any stress-, team-, conflict- or communication-oriented challenge in the workplace or privately.
Laughter Yoga is a non-bendy, non-intrusive, all-inclusive, fun 'workout' that deals with all stress!

Thank you for visiting our pages - please contact us for further details of our programmes.

Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher is more than laughter!
The 23-27 November course has 1 place left. Next courses run in Durham 11-15 April and Hemel Hempstead 11-15 July 2016.
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Laughter Yoga Leader Training April 2014 in London
Train as a Laughter Yoga Leader with the UK's Master Trainer.
An incredibly personal experience and unique course to teach you to add more value in life. St Albans, Blackpool, London, Durham!
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Join us at the first laughter activity and networking event in London
Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers gather to explore new ideas - in London 24/10-15 and in Leeds 16/03-16!
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Laughter Yoga Master Training Online 2012
The future of training for personal and professional transformation.
When you cannot make it to the classroom you have the option of the 4-week online training with all the support you need.
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Laughter Yoga Teacher Training January 2013
Certified Laughter Therapist and Facilitator training.
Laughter has come a long way and we combine many years of experience, research and skills in a new programme! 
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The 8 week programme is catching on as a tool for growth.
Student, Manager, Team Leader, Therapist, Nurse, individual or team who wants positive change seek powerful tools to assist.
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Laughter Yoga Conference was a great success!
Excited delegates and speakers travelled to St Albans from around the world to learn, share, network and laugh.
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London Laughter Flashmob July 2014
After years of ongoing discussions we finally did it!
On 5th July 2014 we entered Trafalgar Square in Central London and kicked off the London Laughter Flashmob. Check the video!
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Laughter Yoga Leader Training
The Laughter Club International (UK) is expanding!
Real change happens when you keep laughing. The Rose Garden Laughter Club Laughs on Mondays from May to August.
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Gibberish Training January 2014 in St Albans
Become a Certified Gibberish Coach and communicate freely.
In this workshop we experiment with expression, improvisation and drama. A great day where you become a Gibberish Coach!
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Laughter Yoga Training in St Albans
UnitedMind deliver training to set you up in business.
The training day gives you ideas to create a platform for success and discover ways to market and deliver focused programmes.
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World Laughter Day 2014
On 1st May 2016 St. Albans celebrates World Laughter Day.
The event will take place around the world and in many places all over the UK. Visit World Laughter Day and find events for 2016 soon.
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Laughter Yoga Leader Training 2010
There is non-stop stress and pressure during school years.
Find out how to bring laughter into your school as a stress management tool equally useful for students and teachers.
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Laughter Yoga Leader Training
Workplaces benefit from Laughter Yoga every day.
Organisations in both the private and public sectors are adopting Laughter Yoga techniques every day!
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Laughter Yoga Leader Training 2009
There is an often untapped potential for laughter in everyone.
Join us for a full day of laughter and games, fun and improvisation as we unleash your laughter potential in Peterlee. Book online!
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Laughter Yoga Workshop 2013
Laughter Yoga has a huge impact and makes a big difference.
The journey often begins with a giggle and a fake laugh but the contageousness creates the genuine laughter real quickly.
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'You've made it to the final short-list at Mumpreneur Awards.'
Out of 1500 worthy nominations, UnitedMind / Lotte Mikkelsen, has made it to the list of finalists - exciting and humbling!
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The Telephone Laughter Club
The Telephone Laughter Club was featured on BBC1 South...
The benefits of Laughter Yoga are numerous and Laughter Leaders and Teachers promote them through Laughter Clubs.
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The newsletter from UnitedMind is published on a monthly basis.
Please email us to get on the mailing list in order to receive news, stories, launches, deals, press, event videos etc.
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Laughter yoga Leader Training 2010
Every week a new thought, idea, scribble, blurb or other doodle...
The thoughts of UnitedMind's founder Lotte Mikkelsen may be relevant or complete nonsense but mostly it is quite uplifting!
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It is easy to book your laughter in UnitedMind's Online Shop.
You can book your laughter training, laughter workshop or laughter subscription as well as buying books, DVDs and CDs.
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LOCO Festival Laughter January 2013
The Telephone Laughter Club is running early, noon and late.
We laugh at 7am to 7:10am and 12noon to 12:10pm and now you have a choice to laugh with your family at 6:30pm to 6:40pm.
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Online Laughter Club 2011
Online learning is a great solution as it requires little time out.
Laughter Alone, Laughter One-On-One Coaching Training and Laughter Leader Training is available as online learning.
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World Laughter Day 2007
The Laughter Club in St. Albans runs monthly on a Sunday.
It is fun to join other people laughing and can change your perception of life. We also laugh in Bushey and on the phone.
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Laughter Yoga helps people benefit tremendously and boost their health as they laugh regularly.
Please visit our pages about the Laughter Yoga training and workshop programmes available and learn about the benefits of them.  You may also be interested in reading about some the diseases that can be positively affected by laughter, please visit Laughter and Healing...  as well as the article 'Laugh for No Reason' which provides additional information about the benefits.

Daily Laughter Therapy

To get ideas on how to increase your daily laughter dose you may find inspiration on the pages about Laughter Yoga, laughter clubs and laughter programmes, corporate services and other pages. For example
UnitedMind is committed to bringing about positive change in people's lives and have recently launched a project to encourage those changes within businesses and organisations.  A project to bring the Laughter Yoga Leader Training to teams in workplaces across the UK.  To receive the full report and proposal please contact us.
Furthermore, UnitedMind is uniquely offering the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in the UK. Please read more about the appointment by Dr. Madan Kataria and the plan for rolling out the laughter training across the country.

Laughter Yoga Arena

In order to keep up-to-date with the latest information and movement in the Laughter Yoga arena please subscribe to our newsletter on our UnitedMind Monthly News Blog where you will be able to read about workshops, stories, launches and other events about Laughter Yoga, Laughter Coaching, Laughter Training, Laughter Workshops, Gibberish, Laughter Therapy, Laughter Clubs and other health-related matters and research with laughter as key ingredient.

Tailored Laughter Training

For details and information about tailored programmes for workplace stress management, team building, anger management, confidence boosting and other workplace related symptoms to be handled through laughter therapy, Laughter Yoga, and laughter training as well as laughter coaching, or for information about team building games and simulations through laughter therapyroLaughter Yoga, laughter coaching and laughter training please contact us.


Train as a Laughter Yoga Teacher with the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the United Kingdom!

  • 23-27/11-2015 South
  • 11-15/04-2016 North 
  • 11-15/07-2016 South


Train with the officially appointed Laughter Ambassadors in the UK!
St Albans, London and Durham:
  • 21-22/11-2015 Durham
  • 23-24/01-2016 St Albans
  • 20-21/02-2016 Durham
  • 03-04/03-2016 London
  • 07-08/04-2015 Blackpool
  • 21-22/04-2016 London
Online / Homestudy:
  • 2pm to 4pm
    05, 12, 19, 26 January 2016
    • 21-22/11-2015 Durham
    • 23-24/01-2016 St Albans
    • 20-21/02-2016 Durham
    • 03-04/03-2016 London
    • 07-08/04-2015 Blackpool
    • 21-22/04-2016 London


    • 13-14/01-2016 Online

    St Albans, Durham, Online:

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