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With Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte Mikkelsen

Laughter Training and Workshops as well as the Laughter Club International (UK) run on a regular basis both online and around the country and can be booked via our online shop.

However, all workshops, courses and events offered by UnitedMind can also be booked for corporate events and your private group by contacting us.

Corporate Laughter

The Scheduled Times

Laughter Yoga Training, Laughter Workshops, Laughter Club

Laughter Training

Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs in London in March, June, October and December, and in St Albans in September. Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs in Hemel Hempstead in July and in October. Laughter Therapist Training runs in April in Stanmore.

For most people their first Laughter Yoga event is a ground breaking experience. With so many benefits available from laughing regularly, it makes sense to learn how to laugh for no reason. If you cannot join us on any of the dates listed, please contact us for details on how to conduct your own sessions or for booking us for your special Laughter Session.

When you train as Laughter Yoga Facilitator you may get involved with workshops for event organisers and organisations. Laughter Yoga Leader often work together to accommodate requests from far and near around the country.

Laughter Workshops

Dates for Laughter Coach Training, Business Experts, and Gibberish can be found in our shop.

Laughter Yoga is a main ingredient in many of the workshops offered by UnitedMind. The workshops are developed and improved on an on-going basis and each of them can be tailored to suit requirements from organisations in both public and private sectors.has proved to be an effective tool in team building skills, vital for business growth and productivity.

Laughter Yoga has proved to be an effective tool in team building skills, vital for business growth and productivity. It helps relieve some of the tension and stress that is often based on personality differences, ego problems and conflicting directions. Laughter allows people to express themselves in a clearer and more creative way and find motivation from alternative sources.

Laughter Club

The Laughter Club runs online on Zoom on the 1st Sunday of the month from 1pm to 1:30pm.

The Laughter Club in St. Albans is one of the longest running Laughter Clubs in the UK. If you are not living in the area or are unable to travel to St. Albans on the dates listed please get in touch to find out about other clubs in the UK and about alternative ways of laughing, for example The Telephone Laughter Club or training yourself to run a Laughter Club.

Following the worldwide pandemic from 2020-2022 many laughter clubs are running online and The Laughter Club in St. Albans is also currently only running online on Zoom.

Please join us if you can on pw 305815

See you then!

Laughter Therapy & Emotional Wellbeing

Laugher Quote

I believe that laughter is a powerful tool in increasing our wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That is why it helps us to be more authentic, and because we are more authentic. we are naturally more creative and successful.

How We Have Improved Businesses Like Yours!

Testimonials of Businesses we have helped

Nimisha Radia
Nimisha Radia
What an awesome week we had at the Laughter Yoga Teacher training. One of the best weeks I've ever had with a bunch of incredible and like-minded people. Lotte, our trainer, was marvellous and knowledgeable and made our week epic.
Judith Walker
Judith Walker
Awesome training ??? loved it to bits ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Miss Bev
Miss Bev
Great training, brilliantly facilitated by the Lotte and Mel, they created a fun safe learning space, looking forward to the next one
Ellie Moore
Ellie Moore
Lotte held a couple of session at HQ for our lovely employees and it was super fun and got everyone laughing - really brilliant. Our team really relaxed into the sessions and helped release any built up tension or stresses from their day to day life. Everyone left feeling energised as well as with a deep calmness. Thank you for working with us and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
Jannie Stricker
Jannie Stricker
I completed the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in October 2021. The week was very useful, and I learnt a lot. All the laughter we shared not only in the classroom but also outside was amazing. As a first-hand research, I actually noticed a change in my mind and body after a full week with several laughter sessions a day.
Michelle Ligon
Michelle Ligon
Great laughter yoga online leader course! I was nervous at first but Lotte was brilliant - she has a very easy going, warm and engaging style which really helped. The course was super informative, interesting and fun. Everyone in the group really gelled and it was a very rewarding and supportive experience. I can't wait to get involved in more laughter sessions and eventually start running my own!!
Lynne Carruthers
Lynne Carruthers
Had a great time learning how to become an online laughter yoga leader with Lotte and her infectious enthusiasm and laughter.
Mary Thomson
Mary Thomson
Lotte has been very flexible and compassionate throughout the Laughter Leader Training that I attended live online. The experience was wonderful. I felt supported and encouraged throughout. Lotte gives her full attention and provides a high quality level of information and administration. I found the timing to complete the course was just right, and helped me to attend and manage the course. I highly recommend Lotte who has years experience, deep wisdom and humility; willing to share the learning she has gained through Teaching Laughter yoga. I am very happy to recommend Lotte. I look forward to further training with Lotte.
Frances Burton
Frances Burton
Excellent course which was adapted for virtual learning. Small group so we had ample time to ask questions and practice skills. Learning was fun and practical. I would definitely recommend Laughter Yoga training and it has already been of interest to prospective employers for role in wellbeing and inclusion.
Sarah Alderson
Sarah Alderson
Amazing training. Lotte is truly an inspiration to work with and laughter was free flowing ?

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