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Certified Laughter Yoga Basic Learning

Get introduced to Laughter Yoga in a way that teaches you to bring the benefits to your life on a long-term basis.

This new 1-day certified training allows you to experience everything you need to know and learn in order to bring about positive change and know how and what to practice for lasting change in your life.

Most people want great health and happiness in life and the Certified Laughter Yoga Basic Learning provides you with a platform for laughing for no reason so you can potentially experience your life improving in all areas including your level of wellbeing and your sense of feeling content both at work and at home.

The training is for YOU and YOUR life – focusing on laughter, learning the background and more importantly the experience of unconditional laughter for life, without teaching you the presentation skills which is part of the 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training when you have a desire to start a Laughter Club or run Laughter Workshops.

Who is Laughter Yoga Basic Learning for?

This course is for everyone!

The course is also suitable for companies and organisations wishing to train groups or teams within their organisation, and provide further professional development activites to their staff.

For further details and information about tailored Laughter Yoga programmes for the workplace or information about Laughter Yoga and laughter training please contact us.

Course fee: £125 / early bird £95.
Registration: Please secure your place via the UnitedMind Online Shop. You will receive confirmation and details once your full booking has been accepted.
Pre-requisite: Having visited a Laughter Club or participated in a Laughter Workshop is an advantage but not a requirement.

The world needs more laughter!

Course Locations and Course Dates

The course is held in the following locations, any scheduled dates are listed further down on this page:

  • St Albans
  • Online
  • Your location with minimum 6 participants

It comprises of 1 day of Laughter Yoga Basic Learning as originally outlined by Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of the Laughter Yoga Movement.

Course Content

During the training you will

  • get an understanding of the need for Laughter Yoga
  • find out how the idea of Laughter Yoga originated
  • learn the basic guidelines for a Laughter Session
  • get to know the benefits of Laughter Yoga as well as the risks
  • practice a minimum of 40 laughter exercises as well as a variety of breathing exercises

and much more.

Course Material

What you will get

  • Laughter Yoga Basic Learning Manual
  • Laughter Yoga Basic Learning Certificate
  • free mentoring and coaching following the training in order to get you off to a good start
  • 1 month free of charge Telephone Laughter Club subscription
  • 25% discount on continued learning programmes and training courses

At the end of the training day you will receive a Laughter Yoga Basic Learning certificate.

Laughter Warning!

  • it is highly infectious and could seriously affect your health and happiness
  • it is known to cause people to actually enjoy their stress – when applied liberally

Training Venues

Laughter Yoga Basic Learning South
St Albans
Cunningham Hill Infant School
Cell Barnes Lane
St Albans

Dates and Times

The course is currently available to book for your corporate training or private event, contacting us on email or call on 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717

Important Notes

Laughter is easy…
  • No special clothing or equipment is required.
  • Comfortable, loose fitting clothes are recommended
  • Participants with medical conditions must advise on registration
  • Full payment is due on registration
  • Fee does not include accommodation or travel

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