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Meet Shonette Bason Wood of Spread the Happiness

Over the coming months we will be introducing our key-note speakers for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September 2018.

No one is even close to comparing to Shonette Bason Wood. This outspoken, self-expressed, fabulous teacher who loves playing, laughing and anything that raises an eyebrow.

To top it all up she is a brilliantly successful business woman with a charity that changes the world for families with every initiative they kick off.

Shonette is her name and Spread the Happiness is her game!

Shonette 4 - Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK | Corporate Wellness & Workplace Wellbeing Programmes, Trainings & Workshops in London UK with Laughter Yoga Expert Lotte MikkelsenShonette also recently launched her own comedy show.

For one self help comedy night in Woolworth Social Club Shonette will entertain you! All ticket sales will go to Spreading the Happiness Shonette’s charity that feeds the homeless and families in poverty. All the bar sales will go to the club so please drink generously and bring friends who are big drinkers! This is a night never to be forgotten.

One whirlwind comedian and life changer you do not want to miss!

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018

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