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Laughter News September 2019

Welcome to September 2019

…and news, stories, upcoming events and event reviews from UnitedMind Ltd. Laughter Yoga, Laughter Yoga in London, all over the UK and sometimes elsewhere, The Laughter Club International (UK) and The Telephone Laughter Club.

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In September News we share the following…

  1. Brief diary overview
  2. Reflections on August from Yours Truly
  3. 45 seconds on ITV Lorraine
  4. Meet Key Note, Maggie Irving – PhD in Drama and Clowning
  5. Laughter Therapist – a deep dive
  6. Laughter Coach – the one-on-one idea in pracsis
  7. Laughter Club in St Albans, London, and in the UK
  8. The Accredited Training Formula
  9. Book your Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapist training on time!

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A brief overview of our September 2019 diary

Last month I actually forgot to update the online diary and it was indeed a busy month.

September is no less busy!

We will be in London, St Albans, Stafford, Berkshire, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Harlow, Croydon, Bolton, Hemel Hempstead – and many other places around the UK in September!

We go where you need us to share laughter!

To give you an idea of availability please visit our Events Calendar.

Available in London, across the UK, and Elsewhere

Laughter Yoga is an ideal method for promoting teamwork, stress management and workplace wellbeing as well as for real personal life changes.

We can run our training courses and workshops at your venue if you cannot join us on scheduled dates around the country.

UnitedMind has the largest network of Laughter Yoga Partners in the UK and we always do our best to find a good day, time, and a great Laughter Facilitator so please look beyond our diary when you are looking to organise a Laughter Workshop for your group.

We branch out and we create a beatiful interconnected network!

No distance is too far for sharing laughter and positive change – for stress management, team building, mental health boosting and more.

Give the gift of laughter to someone you care about.

All Laughter Yoga training is certified by Laughter Yoga International. In additon all Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy training is now also accredited and approved for CPD in the UK by FHT. Ask for a list of Approved Teachers.

Please contact us on email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Reflection on August from Yours Truly

Most of us enjoy laughing and we feel good after a hearty laugh when we relax with an empty mind.

Then we can hear our heart best.

However, we sometimes forget and let our laughter grow old and non-resounding. We forget the sound and forget what makes us laugh.

Magic happens when we choose to laugh when there is nothing and no one to laugh at, or with, than our own self. Nothing causing our laughter.

Laughing at… is hurtful. Laughing with… is connecting!

In August I shared some amazing moments in laughter and joy with people from around the UK and even a wonderful Laughter Yoga Family from the US who came and laughed with me, Patricia and Cheryl under very stormy conditions in Bedfordshire.

I went to Wales and trained The brilliant Roach Coach, Sian, as a Laughter Coach and enjoyed the time with a colleague just like I did when I met Francesca in London as well as visiting Mel in Stanmore.

Laughter friends, family and colleagues are the nuggets – and berries – that make life bright and cheerful.

The workshops and training I have been invited to facilitate this month have brought laughter, tears, joy and release.

There is no telling what people take away from Laughter Workshops and it may not always be what I expect or what they expect themselves.

Sometimes it is not Laughter Yoga that is on their mind and yet the laughter may have sparked some profound connections and stress relief.

Let’s face it, Laughter Yoga is a method that is not for us all but unless we try it out we really can’t make an informed decision.

I go where there is laughter to be shared for the good of our health, our mood, our mind, our work and ethics, our resourcefulness and willingness to willing positive change!

Love, Laughter and Peace


Your Everyday Laughter Queen #youreverydaylaughterqueen

45 seconds on ITV Lorraine with Andi Peters

On Thursday 29 August 2019 I started the day with a few seconds of laughter on live television before rushing off to start Laughter Yoga Leader Training in Neal’s Yards together with fellow Laughter Ambassador Melanie Bloch.

It was fun and very, very brief! Happy to arrive to a fantastic group of upcoming Laughter Yoga Leader!

The production team at ITV is friendly, professional and just ready to help!

The Playing Human Conference – June 2020!

Only 77 tickets left!

A superb line up is currently being introduced. We started in February when we introduced The Miracle Man, Ant Bennett, in March you met the YES Man, Dave Cornthwaite, in April you were acquainted with Play Expert, Yesim Kunter, in May Kate Hull Rodgers was on display, June you got acquainted with Sue Haswell, in August you met Robert Rivest, and in September it is time to meet Maggie Irving!

Meet Maggie Irving – Drama PhD and Clown

Maggie Irving – where do I begin!

Her website tells the story of moving from Preston to Exmouth to enjoy more sunshine and cream teas.

Maggie completed a Master’s Degree in Drama while exploring being a woman and a clown, and what that truly means. While developing her contemporaty clown perfomances she explored the role of the clown and how you can break down barriers and inhibitions, this was also the key-theme in gaining her PhD.

Her goal is to heal you find your modern-day clown(s), ignite your curiosity and use playfulness as a tool for insight, communication and productivity.

I cannot wait to welcome Maggie to The Playing Human Conference in London in 2020. She has the true playful spirit and is coming to share it with us!

“Find humour in the everyday – and learn from it.” Maggie Irving

Read more about Maggie Irving on Comedy Matters – and look out for the mid-month story of her life…

Make sure you book soon – even if 2020 still seems a long way away, there are only 77 tickets left.

Did you notice who else is coming?

These truly motivational people are not only there to talk, they are coming to inspire and move us all with playfulness and attitude!

Please get in touch about The Playing Human Conference & Laughter Yoga 25th Anniversary, our courses, workshops, conferences, laughter clubs and other events via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Laughter Therapist – a deep dive

Laughter Therapist Teachers
Melanie Bloch and Lotte Mikkelsen

To become a Laughter Therapist you must have a background as a therapist or counsellor.

Being a Laughter Therapist means you are able to hold the space for people who may wish to release deep-rooted cell trauma through crying, laughing or even raging.

Experiencing catharsis can be a real wake up call and very emotional for the client, and if you as Laughter Therapist have not done your own catharting holding the space can seem a real challenge.

When people laugh, cry, rage or express themselves in ways we feel uncomfortable with we will try and stop them through nurturing them.

However, if you stop someone from releasing they have to go somewhere else to release the stored up emotions and this is why it is so important to be able to hold the space for as long as it takes.

The weekend of Laughter Therapist Training is really profound and many of the past students have excperience true catharsis just as some have not explored it fully. It can seem scary and it is worth remembering that when we let go and allor catharsis to happen it gets messy…

But the view on the other side is freedom, lightheartedness, openness, self-expression and true transformation.

Laughter Therapy cannot be learned online.

The 2-day Laughter Therapist Training is only the beginning of the 6-12 months programme leading to your Level 7 Qualification (full details on

2-day Certified Laughter Therapist Training (NB 12-month programme)

If you have any questions about Laughter Therapy or Laughter Yoga workshops and training please get in touch via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Laughter Coach – in practice

A one-on-one Laughter Yoga approach that was introduced in the UK by UnitedMind in 2010.

Since first taking clients on the 8-week Laughter Yoga rollercoaster in 2010 I have trained numerous Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers to practice Laughter Coaching.

We are encouraged by the huge interest in personal and professional development that lead people to finding Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga Professionals with a background as Life and Business Coaches, Counsellors, and other types of therapists are ideally suited for this method but the additional requirement is to be a Laughter Yoga Teacher.

Laughter Coaching is a journey over 8 weeks of daily laughter, gibberish, pulling faces and feeling the change plus a weekly coach session.

You can read more about the training, which is for Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, on, and dates are listed further down in this newsletter.

If you want to schedule your own 8-week Laughter Coaching Programme for yourself or your team, please visit for details.

Please get in touch about UnitedMind’s accredited Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher Training which are requirements for the Laughter Coaching, and other events via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Laughter Club International (UK)

The Laughter Club International (UK) in St Albans July 2019
(because we didn’t laugh in August)

A Reminder that we meet and share laughter in the 1st St Albans Scouts Wadley Hut in The Laughter Club International (UK) in St Albans on First Sunday every month at 1pm-2:30pm – please do join us!

  • Next time is 1st September 2019
  • and then it is 6th October 2019

There are over 125 Laughter Clubs in the UK with their own webpage where you can find details.

Please get in touch about the laughter clubs and other options via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

The Accredited Training Formula

Accreditation means our courses are approved for CPD!

Together with some great Laughter Yoga Teachers I train individuals and teams all over the world to lead laughter sessions as Laughter Yoga Leaders or Laughter Yoga Teachers.

You are always in good hands with FHT Approved Laughter Yoga Teachers!

PLEASE NOTE, The Laughter Yoga Training is still certified with a standard international certificate issued by Laughter Yoga International and co-signed by your teacher(s) which you receive at the end of the 2-day or 5-day training.

You can simply get your certificate and be ready but there are a few more requirements if you want the additional accreditation certificate. The training is accredited in the UK.

Laughter Yoga Training Accreditation is a big step in standardising the way we teach Laughter Yoga in the UK and how we bring the techniques to people as a tool approved for CPD purposes.

FHT Accredited courses from UnitedMind are

  • 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training
  • 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
  • 1-day Laughter Yoga Coach Training
  • Laughter Therapist Training

This is exciting news at a time when mental and physical health is top of the priority list for many workplaces and public sector organisations.

With accreditation we are taking Laughter Yoga to another level of nationwide approval within the education system.

I have been running the 2-day training since 2007 and love it. One thing I enjoy as well, is teaching with my Laughter Yoga Teacher Colleagues, so from 2020 I will be teaching in all parts of the UK with my colleagues – and in Denmark, too.

If you would like to train with me I would love to teach you and share my 16 years experience with you in London (with Mel Bloch), St. Albans (with Charlotte Clark), Durham (with Jan Turner), Preston (with Sara Kay), Bristol (with Sue Haswell), and your venue if you want to organise your own dates with your group of minimum 4 people, as well as one-on-one in Hemel Hempstead.

Our training is outstanding, deep and fun, and you get two Laughter Ambassadors for the price of one when you join us in London, Durham, Preston, and Bristol!

Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs on the following dates and is a requirement for the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training:

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs on the following dates and is a requirement for the Certified Laughter Yoga Coach Training:

Please make your booking via secure link on

Book your training on time

Laughter Yoga is for everyone!

Whether you want to start your own Laughter Club or simply wish to bring more laughter into your own life, workplace, community or business, the training courses are fantastic and so useful in life and at work.

Personal and professional development at its best!

In addition, you get support from your teachers as you move on with your laughter life, as and when you need it. It is your call!

For information about Laughter Yoga, our clubs, courses, workshops and how you can learn, please contact us on, or 07736 341 717.

UnitedMind teaches Certified Laughter Yoga courses in the following locations:

  • Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training
    This training is a requirement for becoming a Laughter Yoga Teacher
    • London, St. Albans, Preston, Durham, Online
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people
  • Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
    This training is a requirement for becoming a Laughter Yoga Coach
    • Hemel Hempstead
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people
  • Accredited Laughter Therapist Training
    • Hemel Hempstead
  • Accredited Laughter Coach and Certified Gibberish Coach Training
    • Hemel Hempstead, Online
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people

Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader

The 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on

2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher

The 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on

5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
solely provided by UnitedMind in the UK since 2012

Fees for residential training are including accommodation.

Feel free to enquire about special offers at any time.

Accredited Laughter Therapist

The 2-day Laughter Therapist Training is only the beginning of the 6-12 months programme (full details on

2-day Certified Laughter Therapist Training (NB 12-month programme)

Certified Gibberish Coach

The 1-day Gibberish Coach Training for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers runs on the following dates (full details are listed on

1-day Certified Gibberish Training
for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers

Accredited Laughter Yoga Coach

The 1-day Laughter Yoga Coach Training for Laughter Yoga Teachers runs online on the following dates (full details are listed on

1-day Accredited Laughter Coaching Training
for Laughter Yoga Teachers

Or you can book your 8-week One On One Laughter Coaching Programme and get closer to your real laughter through the practice of Laughter Yoga exercises.

All fees listed in the newsletter are early bird fees available until one month before training dates and excluding travel and accommodation costs unless otherwise stated. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace.

If you want to be sure to get a place on the course of your choice please book now in the UnitedMind Online Shop.

For more information about certified training courses please contact us via, phone 0800 1214 714, or mobile 07736 341 717.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.