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Laughter News October 2013

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Information in this newsflash about

  • Being a Mumpreneur Award Finalist
  • Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga – NO Yoga!
  • Laughter is Serious Business – great tools for anyone
  • Laughter Yoga Teacher Training – professional development


Being a Mumpreneur Award Finalist

You may be familiar with TV-series Friends who some love and some hate for the good of all – what came to mind when I was thinking about the Mumpreneur Conference prior to going on 28th September 2013 was an episode where the rarely employed actor, Joey, was nominated for a Soapy Award and Rachel teaches him a few things about being a gracious looser in case that would happen… At the Soapy Awards.

Now, the Mumpreneurs’ Awards is an experience of being in the presence of a collection of people who are on a mission to creating a great life for themselves, their family and for other people. Please read The Laughter Blog about the experience.

UnitedMind is on a mission to creating positive and lasting change at home and in the workplace and I feel extremely privileged to have been selected as a Finalist for the prestigious Mumpreneur Award.

Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga – NO Yoga!

Perhaps you are one of the people who are sceptical about Laughter Yoga because Yoga is NOT for you. Great news! It IS about exercising but that is the laughter activities we carry out in the group, team, one-on-one, or other settings.

So to recap, Laughter Yoga is not traditional Yoga! We do not engage in Yoga poses where qualified Yoga Teachers are required for safe and sound environments. Laughter Yoga is about the the therapeutic effects of laughing and breathing fully into the body and exchanging the air throughout the lungs and not just in the chest – oxygen is our life force.

There are no recorded mentions of Laughter Yoga in ancient Yoga scriptures as it was started in 1995 when Laughter Yoga or Hasya Yoga as it is called in Hindi was created by Medical Doctor, Madan Kataria. Woohoo! Laughter Yoga really is for everyone!

Laughter Yoga has evolved manyfold over the years and has become a tool for companies and organisations in the context of resilience to change, team building, stress management, improved communication and peak performance. Many well-being events include Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy.

UnitedMind have facilitated Corporate Laughter Workshops since 2004 and has been booked solid for the past two years. It has been rewarding and exciting to work with the variety of groups I have encountered over the years and my workshops have evolved from being one-off sessions to being programmes showing real value and benefits to both individuals as well as the wellbeing of the organisation.

For individuals and teams who are interested in the psychological aspect of laughter and in facilitating workshops based on therapeutic laughter and play, The Tao of Laughter Facilitator Training, where you become a Certified Laughter Workshop Facilitator, may just be the right thing. Essentially laughter!

There are no religious aspects or political ideas introduced in our trainings and workshops, nor are the courses discriminating in any way.

Book in the UnitedMind Online Shop today rather than tomorrow or contact us on email to organise a workplace event and/or programme!

Laughter is Serious Business – great tools for anyone

Anything you want to succeed at is serious business!

The Laughter is Serious Business is based on real-life experience from sales and marketing, administrative and technical positions in national and multi-national companies combined with more than 10 years of running my own business through ups and downs. All of these experiences have been juggled into a professional workshop for Laughter Yoga Leaders, Laughter Yoga Teachers, Holistic Therapists, Yoga Teachers, anyone who wants to discover unique angles of building their business to success.

Contact us regarding our workshops or training please contact us on email, or phone 07736 341 717.

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training – professional dev

Laughter Yoga Teachers are extraordinary people who are willing to go the extra mile to make a difference in this world – for themselves and for others! Lots of other people are extraordinary, too, but this is about the Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training.

Whether you like the idea of teaching Laughter Yoga Leader Training or facilitating Laughter Workshops is not the question raised. This 5-day training is a masterpiece in self-development and aspiration for a second to none view on life and all it throws at you.

Undoubtedly, it benefits the participants but looking one step further into the distance there is a whole array of people who get in contact with the positive nature of everyone who has worked with Laughter Yoga. As mentioned earlier on this page, there is nothing religious about the concept and the ideas that are being taught in any of the classes. The course merely opens the mind to the possibility of actully living a life with more positives than negatives, which you’ve got to admit is a rare one for many people these days.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’ a quotes that seems to have been passed through all eras from Voltaire to Spiderman. Laughter Yoga Teachers know the power of these fantastic tools for personal and professional development and know how to be gentle in the process of sharing the essence of laughter and Laughter Yoga.

Whether you are on a path of personal development or professional development for that matter or on a completely different route to self-discovery or something else, these courses can move mountains and it is all good stuff that is behind all the movement. Plus it opens to a whole range of different training programmes and options you can run for your own business or within your workplace.

Hope to see you in the 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training or the 5-day Laugther Yoga Teacher Training soon!

There are some neat deals available at the moment on the UnitedMind Online Shop. Also, please contact us to discuss your personal and professional training and development requirements on email, or on phone, 07736 341 717.

All fees are excluding travel and accommodation costs. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.