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Laughter News November 2013

Welcome to November 2013

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Information in this newsflash about

  • Laughter for Healthier Workplaces
  • Laughter Medicine – back in action!
  • Bring Laughter Training to work…
  • The Laughter Club – north and south


Laughter for Healthier Workplaces

There is a lot to be said about health, wellbeing and laughter.

Many teams, schools and organisations in the private and public sectors enquire daily about workshops to promote corporate health and wellbeing, team building and stress management, in a bid to improve staff retention and lower absenteeism in the workplace.

Laughter Yoga is a proven method addressing all of these pains that many organisations encounter over time, and research from many scitific and medical angles supports the statement that Laughter really is the best medicine.

Over the years UnitedMind have worked with many health-oriented organisations, including, MIND, British Heart Foundation, the NHS, MENCAP, MS Society, Parkinson’s and many other organisations supporting a variety or health-related challenges and conditions.

DSC02579The feedback has been amazing, people enjoy laughing because it boost their immune system and their self-esteem where it is often suffering because of physical or mental health conditions, and sometimes lack of connection and communication.

But Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga is not just for organisations working with health, health-conditions, and the public…

In the workplace there are many issues that often need addressing, issues that leave staff members depressed, de-motivated, and feeling disconnected.

Laughter Yoga can be used to tackle stress and conflicts thus creating healthing and more positive attitudes to work and improving team effort and focus.

Often laughter workshops are used for one-off sessions and events, however, there is a growing need and requirement for long-term programmes involving a combination of break-out energisers for conferences, telephone laughter for daily boost, weekly workshops and other setups for the ongoing development of both staff and business.

UnitedMind have a passion for positive change and compassion for the people involved in any change whether it is personal or professional. The large network of Laughter Yoga Professionals who have trained with UnitedMind over the years comes highly recommended and extends the reach of our vision for health and growth through laughter.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for team and individual training on email, or phone 07736 341 717.

Laughter Medicine – back in action!

The Laughter Medicine Workshop was introduced first time in St. Albans in 2004 and has since then gone through serious updating and revamping.

Back then I wrote an article about laughing for no reason and reviewing this in fact shows that Laughter Medicine is as relevant as ever.

It is a great 2-hour workshop that can be brought into the workplace as well as be booked by individuals on the scheduled dates.

Laughter Yoga has evolved manyfold over the years and has become a tool for companies and organisations in the context of resilience to change, team building, stress management, improved communication and peak performance. This workshop is a good introduction to a long-term programme for anyone, whether it is for personal development or team development.

Book in the UnitedMind Online Shop today rather than tomorrow or contact us on email to organise a workplace event and/or programme!

Laughter really is the best medicine!

Bring Laughter Training to work…

Many organisations have Workplace Champions who setup programmes to encourage staff to be happier with their work, ensuring that bullying and other mis-communication is tackled before it even starts.

There individuals are a valuable part of the spirit of an organisation and they produce top-notch events to create balance in the workplace, for staff at work and at home.

Workplace Champions are ideal people to teach laughter techniques and adding extra stress management and confidence boosting techniques to their exsisting set of core values and tools.

The 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training can easily be facilitated in the workplace for key-players in corporate holistic health. Laughter Yoga is becoming an essetial tool for any organisation going through change – and that is every organisation!

The trainings can be organised for the team or team-players can be booked on scheduled dates. Hope to see your organistaion on the 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training soon!

The Laughter Club International – north and south

In June 2014 The Laughter Club International (UK) in St. Albans will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

We have been running monthly since 2004 on one Sunday each month and it has been quite a different experience every time.

However, even with few people attending The Laughter Club has persistently been available more often than not.

It is time for change!

From January The Laughter Club in St. Albans will no longer run on monthly Sundays but will be available on every Wednesday from 15th January at 12noon to 1pm at the Friends Meeting House, 7 Upper Larimore Road, AL1 3UD. This is really exciting news as we are encouraging more regular laughter for the pure benefits of it all – and there is more news!

The Laughter Club International (UK) is now reaching into the North-East of England and will start a monthly laughter club which will be running on 3rd Friday every month from 1pm to 2pm at Body Talk Health & Fitness, 3 Cook Way, North West Industrial Estate, Peterlee, SR8 2HY.

The Laughter Club is on a mission to spread therapeutic laughter and Laughter Yoga! No Yoga, just breathing and laughter!

We also laugh in the Bushey Rose Garden from May to August on the 3rd Monday from 12noon to 1pm.

As if that wasn’t enough laughing, please also remember that we laugh every day from 7am to 7:10am on The Telephone Laughter Club!

Full details of The Laughter Club and The Telephone Laughter Club and Laughter Clubs in the UK.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.