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Laughter News November 2012

Welcome to November 2012

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Information in this newsflash about

  • UnitedMind’s Laughter Professors on Alan Titchmarsh Show
  • Gibberish Talk – for managers, teams and parents
  • Laughter Yoga Teacher Training – the fantastic programme
  • Added value for Laughter Yoga Leader Training

And just to mention

  • The Laughter Club in November in St. Albans
  • UnitedMind’s Online Shop – new and improved
  • Remember: UnitedMind’s fairly new telephone number 0800 1214 714

Coming Soon: Laughter Professors on ITV!

There is great focus on making Britain happy. Government and news channels are constantly on the look-out for new ways to increase the experience of ‘feeling happy’ and these approaches are being questioned on TV, radio and in the newspapers.

I was recently invited to ITV’s daytime show, Alan Titchmarsh Show, to give the audience in the studio and more importantly at home a demonstration of Laughter Yoga. UnitedMind has trained people around the globe as Laughter Yoga Leaders, and we got together a team of six laughter-ready Laughter Professors who ventured into the ITV Studios in London.

Please watch as we go on air on 8th November 2012 at 3pm on the ITV Alan Titchmarsh Show. It will be brief and hopefully fun!

Waiting for Alan Titchmarsh… Lotte – Heidi – Heather – Jo – Ruth – Carolina

It may give you an idea of how Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy can benefit you personally as well as in your workplace.Laughter Yoga, laughing for no reason impacts all areas of life and brings balance into perceptions, views, stress, challenges, mismatched communication, perfomance, teamwork, confidence, trust, exclusion and inclusion, absenteeism and many other daily challenges we face as individuals and in the workplace.

Gibberish Talk – non-verbal communication!

Conflicts often occur when there mis-communication, lack of communication, aggressive behaviour, bullying, misunderstood communication, human errors, and any other challenge in teamwork that most workplaces face on a daily basis.

The easiest way to cope with these situations is to stop talking and start listening. However, it is most likely that talk will continue and more upsets will follow.

Gibberish build bridges between people instead of create ridges that separate people even more. It is a non-verbal way of communicating in a non-threatening way where improvisation and drama is of great improtance – just like in real life!

The Gibberish Workshop is an essential yet unrecognised tool for team building, conflict resolution as well as presentation skills and confidence boosting.

Any management team and any organisation – and anybody who is a parent or working with young people – can benefit from learning a new language of understanding… Gibberish!

Full details of the Certified Gibberish Training is listed on UnitedMind’s website. Please get in touch for details of Gibberish in the workplace.

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher – 5-days

The first Laughter Yoga Teacher Training held in the UK since 2002 is about to commence – well, next week on 5th November!

The training is packed with exciting learning, including a direct call with Dr. Madan Kataria, a guest speaker to talk about one side of being in business, watching Alan Titchmarsh Show, talent evening, a full 1½ hour of Gibberish and all the amazing teachings of Dr. Kataria and his worldwide success-programme!

The 5-day residential training is scheduled to run on the following dates – January 2013 and April 2013 are already starting to fill up so booking early is recommended:

  • 7th-11th January 2013 in Hemel Hempstead
  • 15th-19th April 2013 in Durham
  • 15th-19th July 2013 in Hemel Hempstead
  • 9th-13th September in Durham
  • 4th-8th November in Hemel Hempstead

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader – 2-days

When you train with UnitedMind you get a lot of value add that may make that tiny difference to how easily you adopt and adapt the Laughter Yoga techniques in your life. Some of the things you get as part of your training

  • additional information which includes meditations, standard forms and research documents uniquely provided by UnitedMind in addition to the documents and press information on Laughter Yoga International’s ProZone
  • free mentoring following the training in order to get you off to a good start along with private FaceBook group for Laughter Professionals
  • 1 month free of charge membership of The Telephone Laughter Club where we laugh from 7am to 7:10 Monday to Friday

The 2-day training is scheduled to run on the following dates – and you can also book your own One-On-One Training! It a superb idea for a Christmas Present.

  • 24th-25th November 2012 in St. Albans
  • 10th-11th December 2012 in St. Albans
  • 26th-27th January 2013 in St. Albans
  • 16th-17th February 2013 in Durham
  • 7th-8th March 2013 in London
  • more dates on the website…
Full details of all trainings and how to register are listed on UnitedMind’s website.