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Review: A Day in London with Patch, Pady and 90 Laughter Friends

Sweet anticipation.

The night before the big event in London on 25th April 2017 my daughter suggested that driving to London would save time and money as I would not need to taxi myself, Alice and Patch around London and outside London, I thought “what a great idea”………

London on a Tuesday morning is not particularly driver friendly and it took longer than if I had gone by train. However, it was great to have the car within walking distance of the venue so we could easily head back to St Albans where the accommodation for the night was booked and ready.

Traffic didn’t matter!

The day was set to be an amazing and wonderful day spent learning from Pady O’Connor of Clown Doctors UK and Mee Mee Theatre who lead us through his journey onto discovering the impact of wearing a mask. Fun and very educational.

When Patch Adams arrived just after midday he was ready to play and to share his work. The room was buzzing and the evergy was as high as could be.

Everyone took away valuable lessons and good tips from the day, and it is fair to say that we were all left wanting more joy, knowing we were our on joy factories.

Let go of expectation and create from love!

There really is nothing in life worth getting hung up about.

If you can do somthing about it, do it, and if you can’t just make the change to yourself that is needed for you to experience life joyfully.

Back to having come by car to London…

I didn’t anticipate that I couldn’t find the walk-in entrance to car park and ended up dragging Patch Adams and Alice around the back facing shutters that were definitely shut.

Great when we finally got to my small car and could spend some valuable and moving time together with the legend that is Patch Adams.

And Patch?

He is used to being transported in a car that by the sounds of it is much smaller than my Renault Clio – knees around his ears and all…

Bye for now and see you both and all next year!

Photos are available to view on

If you have any questions or need more information about our courses, workshops and how you can learn, please contact us on email,,  or mobile 07736 341 717.

Review: Laughing with Yes to Life

 There is something ultra life affirming when stepping into a room to laugh with people living with Cancer.

Anyone can learn how to bring more laughter into their lives – regardless of any illness that may currently be at the front of their minds as a worry.

We are not our suffering, nor are we our diagnosis or illness.

When we peel away the layers of how we are meant to be, react, act, interact then we become people who can see that there is laughter available to help us through our challenges and sometimes our grief.

Thank you to all the many Cancer Organisations who have chosen to bring laughter to their staff, patients, families, friends, and the public. It is an alltime moving privilege to be part of the change.

We WILL beat Cancer!

If you have any questions or need more information about our courses, workshops and how you can learn, please contact us on email,, or mobile 07736 341 717.

World Laughter Day 7th May 2017

World Laughter Day is upon us!

Every year we celebrate World Laughter Day on the first sunday of May and there is a whole map of events around the country.

The day is dedicated to sharing laughter based on the idea that when we laugh and share the precious moment of connection that laughter enables, then there is no hate, angre, regret, and other less positive emotions present.

Laughter brings connection, compassion, love and lots of other feel-good sensations forward. A great dose of happy chemicals produced by our own body!

I will be laughing at the foot of Angel of the North in Gateshead from 10:30am to 12noon! (Bring a brolly just in case)

Please join us somewhere in the UK, the World or create your own World Laughter Day on 7th May 2017.

If you have any questions or need more information about our courses, workshops and how you can learn, please contact us on email,, or mobile 07736 341 717.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training – every laugh matters!

This 2-day certified training is an amazing choice for developing personal and professional skills, communication, confidence, presentation and much more.

Come as a newbie or come as Laughter Yoga Leader and refresh your skills!

Next 2-day Certified Leader Training runs in St Albans on 13-14 May, London 7-8 June, Durham 22-23 July.

Or at your own location – I came back from teaching in Isle of Wight earlier in March and just need a minimum of four people at your venue… Get in touch and I will come and teach your group!

If you just want to try Laughter Yoga for an hour, you are welcome on day-1 from at 12noon to 1pm where we run our first full session.

If you want to hear a little snippet of what you may achieve or experience please visit the Daily Laughers YouTube Channel and listen in on laughs and discussions – the ones with Dave interviewing me are viewable on

If you have any questions or need more information about our laughter training and workshops, please contact us on email,, or mobile 07736 341 717. Or book your place in UnitedMind’s Online Shop.

1 – 2 – 5 Day Training Courses

 You will be learning from me, the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the UK.

But the course is not about me, it is all about you and enabling you to choose these amazing skills for life. Laughter Yoga doesn’t not just give you a tool to laugh more, Laughter Yoga provides you with a whole set of skills that enable you to go through life joyfully even when facing life’s ups and downs.

I am really excited and chuffed about the growth I see in my students and colleagues when they take on sharing Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy.

I mentioned last time that in 2017 UnitedMind celebrates 15 years of being in business with laughter, and 10 years of teaching Laughter Yoga Leader Training, on top of that is 5 years of teaching Laughter Yoga Teacher Training.

Teaching develops over years and people come to learn from the experience I have built up over these many years of training and running workshops with therapeutic laughter at the core.

What I bring to my students and colleagues far exceeds the content of any training programme rolled out by Laughter Yoga International.

My experience has been developed over 30 odd years in national and international organisations during my corporate years from 1987 to 2009, and running UnitedMind part time from 2002 until 2010 when I decided to take the wonderful risk of sharing laughter full time. And I am still really young……!

At the same time I am true to the content and outcome of the 1-day Laughter Yoga Basic Learning, 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training, and 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training.

Laughter Yoga is at the heart of my work and you can be certain to get the authentic flavour of Laughter Yoga and the innovative experience of many years’ development of the work.

Here is a little re-cap on the certificated 1, 2 and 5 day Laughter Yoga courses:

Undobtedly an experience that takes you further on a journey of removing the ego that drives us to being protective of our work and self, to that of a teacher who creates leaders with whom we can all grow and share the space of spreading joy, happiness, and thriving communities.

The personal and professional growth potentially happening on this course is outstanding.

However, no matter how successful you go on to become – never assume you know it all!

Laughter happens now – not yesterday and not tomorrow.

There videos from many students who went on to become successful Laughter Yoga Teachers – please visit UnitedMind on YouTube to watch many more experiences:

If you would like to join the Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers and start bringing laughter to yourself, your clients, team, organisation or home, or if you would like more information about Laughter Training for you or your team, organisation, group, please contact us on email,, or mobile 07736 341 717.

Full details and dates are listed further down and you can always find information on or by contacting using the details just above. Or book your place in UnitedMind’s Online Shop. Feel free to get in touch to see if you are eligble for a REALLY special offer!

Laughter Business Experts Programme – not from a book

The 4-week Laughter Business Experts Programme is about real tools and techniques from real life.

Everything in this programme has been tested, trialled, and matured so the tools you learn can be put to practice without hesitation.

This programme is about creating a strong image and getting you in the direction you wish to go with Laughter Yoga or any other business venture you plan on starting.

No excuse really…

Comment from past programme:

I have now completed 2 training courses with Lotte, the Laughter Leader and Laughter Business Programme courses. Lotte makes learning extremely fun whilst always keeping clear and to the point – after both courses I have come away feeling confident in myself and my abilities and excited to put the work into practice. I would highly recommend Lotte for all your laughter training needs.

Next: Wednesday, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st May 2017 from 12noon to 2pm.

For more information about UnitedMind’s laughter workshops and training, please contact us on email,, or mobile 07736 341 717. Or book your place in UnitedMind’s Online Shop.

Laughter Conference and Festival at the beautiful Cabourne Parva

The Laughter Festival is in its second year and Cabourne Parva opens its grounds on 9th June to the laughter activities of the festival as well as the conference.

It is the place to be for people who laugh lots, share laughter plenty, and who want more laughter as well as wanting to learn how to bring more laughter to life in own and other people’s lives.

Please visit and contact the team to get information and tickets.

For more information about our business partners, Laughter Association UK, our programmes and our network of Laughter Professional please contact us on email,, or mobile 07736 341 717.

Online training courses for learning laughter based skills

Online training kicks you off with new skills to start a social Laughter Club or community group. Oc course, to get your full Laughter Yoga International Certification you will need to come on a minimum of 1-day in-person training, which can be day-2 of the Laughter Yoga Leader Training.

Great news is that included in the Laughter Leader Online Training is the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training at a date that suits you, and you can choose to come on both days or just day number 2.

Next online Laughter Leader Training (which includes in-person training at any future dates of your choice in London, St. Albans, Durham or Blackpool)

  • Tuesdays, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd May 2017 from 10am to 12noon or Wednesday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th May from 7pm to 9pm
  • Tuesdays and Wednesday, 6th, 13th, 20th, 28th June from 10am to 12noon
  • OR at times that are suited to your schedule

In-person 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training in 2017:

  • 13-14 May in St Albans
  • 07-08 June in London
  • 22-23 July in Durham
  • 26-27 September in St Albans
  • 05-06 October in Blackpool
  • 19-20 October in London
  • 18-19 November in Durham
  • 07-08 December in London
  • and dates available in 2018, too…

A certificate from UnitedMind will be issued for the online training and a Laughter Yoga International certicate will be given on completion in person.

There are other courses running online as well: Gibberish Training, Laughter Therapist Training, and Laughter Yoga Coach Training plus our amazing Business Experts Programme.

For more information about UnitedMind’s laughter workshops and training, please contact us on email,, or mobile 07736 341 717. Or book your place in UnitedMind’s Online Shop.

Dates for Certified Laughter Training

I teach the courses run in the following locations:

  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training
    • London
    • St. Albans
    • Blackpool
    • Durham
    • Online
    • Your venue
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
    • Hemel Hempstead
    • St. Albans
    • Durham
    • Your venue
  • Accredited Laughter Therapist Training
    • St. Albans
    • Durham
    • Online
  • Certified Laughter Coach and Gibberish Coach Training
    • St Albans
    • Durham
    • Online

Laughter Yoga Leader

The 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on

2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

  • ONLINE in May 2017 – 2, 9, 16, 23
  • 20-21 April 2017 in London £175 early FULL
  • 13-14 May 2017 in St Albans £175 early /£225
  • 07-08 June 2017 in London £175 early /£225
  • 22-23 July 2017 in Durham £175 early /£225
  • 05-06 October 2017 in Blackpool £175 early /£225
  • More dates on
  • Your workplace or with your group at dates to suit you!

Laughter Yoga Teacher

The 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on

5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
solely provided by UnitedMind in the UK since 2012

  • 03-07 April 2017 in St Albans £595 early / £750
  • 10-14 April 2017 in Durham £595 early / £750
  • 10-14 July 2017 in Hemel Hempstead £750 incl stay
  • NEW Your workplace or with your group at dates to suit you!

Fees are excluding accommodation (only applies to Hemel Hempstead training) which you must book separately on

Feel free to enquire about special offers at any time.

Laughter Therapist

The 2-day Laughter Therapist Training is only the beginning of the 6-12 months programme (full details on

2-day Certified Laughter Therapist (NB 6-12-month programme)

  • 26-27 August 2017 St. Albans £550 early / £750
  • 03-04 August Durham £550 early / £750

Laughter Yoga Coach

The 2-day Laughter Yoga Coach Training and 1-day Laughter Yoga Coach Training for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers runs online on the following dates (full details are listed on and

2-day Certified Laughter Coaching Training

  • 03-04 May 2017 10am-3pm Online £175early /£225

1-day Certified Laughter Coaching Training
for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers

  • 01 June 2017 10am-3pm Online £95 early /£150

Or you can book your 8-week One On One Laughter Coaching Programme and get closer to your real laughter through the practice of Laughter Yoga exercises.

  • 8-week One-On-One Laughter Coaching Programme

Your workplace at dates to suit you!

All of the training courses are great addition to any type of therapy or workshop facilitation, health work as well as business related demands, as the courses take you through learning a skillset that can successfully be utilised and adopted to any group whether it is about laughter, play, relaxation, mindfulness, or balance in life in general.

All fees are excluding travel and accommodation costs. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace, or concessions.

If you want to be sure to get a place on the course of your choice please book now in the UnitedMind Online Shop.

For more information about certified training courses please contact us via email,, or mobile 07736 341 717.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.