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Laughter News June 2019

Laughter Yoga at the ITM Conference in May 2019

Welcome to June 2019

…and news, stories, upcoming events and event reviews from UnitedMind Ltd. Laughter Yoga, Laughter Yoga in London, all over the UK and sometimes in Denmark, The Laughter Club International (UK) and The Telephone Laughter Club.

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In June News we share the following…

  1. Brief diary overview
  2. Summer Pondering from Yours Truly
  3. Meet Key Note, Sue Haswell – Creator of Big Results
  4. Are you ready to ((BOUNCE)) with laughter?
  5. Mental Health Awareness Week as a building block
  6. The Art of Nonsense with Alex Sternick
  7. Laughter Club
  8. The Accredited Training Formula
  9. Book your Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapist training on time!

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A brief overview of our June 2019 diary

In June the journey takes us to many locations in London, Croydon, Edgware, St Albans, Oxford,  and elsewhere around the UK – via car, train, bike, boat or something else.

To give you an idea of availability please visit our Events Calendar.

Available in London, across the UK, and Elsewhere

Laughter Yoga is an ideal method for promoting teamwork, stress management and workplace wellbeing as well as for real personal life changes. We can run our training courses and workshops at your venue if you cannot join us on scheduled dates around the country.

Please also remember, that UnitedMind has the largest network of Laughter Yoga Partners in the UK and we always do our best to find a good day, time, and a great Laughter Facilitator so please look beyond our diary when you are looking to organise a Laughter Workshop for your group.

We also work with some awesome partners who organise corporate wellbeing, team and stress management events, ask us and they step in to plan together with you and bring it all together for your group at your venue.

No distance is too far for sharing laughter and positive change – for stress management, team building, mental health boosting and more.

Give the gift of laughter to someone you care about.

All Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy training is now accredited and approved for CPD in the UK by FHT. Ask for a list of Approved Teachers.

Please contact us on email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Summer Pondering from Yours Truly

It is never about me but about the people who venture onto laughter training or into workshops, events and conferences.

You have such courage.

The individuals and organisations who have learned from me make me a better teacher and facilitator every day.

I am so proud (for the lack of a more eloquent word) of the Laughter Yoga Leaders and Laughter Yoga Teachers who chose my training and went on to create their own ripples that continue to connect us, and to write their stories along with the history of Laughter Yoga in the UK and world.

Some have come from far away and some have come from what seems to be ‘just around the corner’.

When we walk side by side and change more than one path we have a higher chance of greater impact. Laughter Yoga is about positive change that happens from within, and it happens with the daily practice of not only laughing, but becoming centered through breathing and being.

I have nothing bad to say about any of the people I have trained and worked with, only love, compassion along with a huge sense of excitement to have new play-friends, and I welcome new students of life and Laughter Yoga at any point in time with support and laughter, joy and connection, and with experience and wisdom.

Love, Laughter and Peace


Your Everyday Laughter Queen #youreverydaylaughterqueen

The Playing Human Conference – June 2020!

A superb line up is currently being introduced. We started in February when we introduced The Miracle Man, Ant Bennett, in March you met the YES Man, Dave Cornthwaite, in April you were acquainted with Play Expert, Yesim Kunter, in May Kate Hull Rodgers was on display and this month we have another great personality to introduce to you.

In June we are really chufferd to introduce NLP Master Trainer and Laughter Professor, Sue Haswell.

Meet Sue Haswell – Creator of Big Results

I am truly honoured and grateful that so many companies chose to add Laughter Yoga to their wellbeing events and look forward to working together in planning the future.