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Laughter News June 2013

Welcome to June 2013

…and news from UnitedMind Ltd., Laughter Yoga Ltd., Gibberish Communications Ltd., and The Laughter Club International (UK).

Our newsletter is a combination of news, stories and upcoming events. We hope you will enjoy our content on a monthly basis, and look forward to seeing you on courses and training, workshops, Laughter Clubs or other laughter events.

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Information in this newsflash about

  • The Tao of Laughter – philosophical and non-religious
  • World Laughter Day review and comments
  • Laughter Coaching – change at the tip of your tongue!
  • Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher – briefly

And just to mention

The Tao of Laughter Facilitator Training

Please note! There is no religion, no politics and no discrimination in any of the programmes from UnitedMind whether they are called Laughter Yoga or Tao of Laughter. The Tao of Laughter is based on philosopical ideas and not religious ways same as Laughter Yoga which is also non-religious, non-political.

There are often a lot of questions as to whether it is a requirement to know and practice Yoga when people enquire about Laughter Yoga Training. However, there are no requirements, one reason being that Laughter Yoga is a combination of laughter exercises and deep breathing techniques often known from Yoga, hence the name.

Laughter Yoga is for everyone and yet there is so much more to incorporating laughter into real life.

The Tao of Laughter programme is a brand new facilitator training from UnitedMind which is based on the psychology as well as the physical effect of laughter. It is for everyone and it highly recommended as continued professional development for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Laughter Yoga Teachers.

We will explore much more than laughter as we play with different types of laughter, improvisation, drama, discussions, communication and presentation skills.

To find out more please visit The Tao of Laughter page or to learn more about the trainings from UnitedMind, please contact us on email,

World Laughter Day Review

World Laughter Day on 5th May 2013 was a great event celebrated around the world.

In the UK there were more than 20 World Laughter Day events taking place and people shared the message of World Peace through Laugther in parks and venues all over.

St. Albans celebrated our 8th World Laughter Day, this time by the wall at the Sopwill Nunnery Ruins on Cottonmill Lane – a great venue for laughter!

Thank you to everyone who shower up and shared a giggle with us and helped 2 new Laughter Yoga Leaders graduate.

We look forward to celebrating World Laughter Day with you again next year on 4th May 2014!

Laughter Coaching – long-term change

If you are looking to create change within your work environment, your private life or elsewhere for yourself and others there are undoubtedly many offers available.

Laughter Coaching is one of the truly effective tools for long-lasting positive change – if you are willing to take it on, but that is a fact for anything you do – you have got to take the challenge and commit to it!

So what makes Laughter Coaching so special? Well, it is one thing that is easily maintained once you gain an understanding of how and your own involvement. It is life changing in a powerful and engaging way, and it is just on the tip of your tongue.

Laughter really is on everyone’s lips – we just don’t always know how to access that particular strand of communication.

The 8-week Laughter Coaching programme may be an option if you feel stuck and even if you don’t feel stuck but just want that bit more extraordinary living.

Full details of the programme are available on Please get in touch to discuss the programme for you, your workplace, your team, your school, your teachers and students or everyone else on

2-day Laughter Leader – 5-day Laughter Teacher

The two day Laughter Yoga Leader Training has a defined structure to it in order to teach participants and enable them to run Laughter Clubs, Laughter Workshops and Laughter Alone sessions – or simply access laughter more freely in own life. And the five day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training adds the teaching of running the two day training to the learning objectives…

If you are looking for truly inspirational and potentially life changing experiences for yourself, your friends, your family or your team at work, then the Laughter Yoga Training may be just what you would benefit from. This is where positive transformation and life changes happen!

There are many opportunities to learn Laughter Yoga both the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training and the vast number of excellent workshops such as Breathing Business, Laughter Alone, Laughter Coaching and many more.

Most trainings and workshops are ideal to bring into workplaces for teams and management groups, as well as for individuals.

  • 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training £550 per person, 2 for £800
  • 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training £175 per person, 2 for £300
  • And other special deals on the UnitedMind Online Shop

All fees are excluding travel and accommodation costs. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace. Online booking available here.

Laughter Yoga impacts all areas of life and brings balance into perceptions, views, stress, challenges, mismatched communication, perfomance, teamwork, confidence, trust, exclusion and inclusion, absenteeism and many other daily challenges we face as individuals and in the workplace.

Full details of all trainings and how to register are listed on UnitedMind’s website.