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In July News we share the following…

  1. Brief diary overview
  2. Laughter Thoughts from Yours Truly
  3. Meet Key Note, Madan Kataria – Founder of Laughter Clubs Worldwide
  4. A day with Oxford University Press
  5. “Unlikely Positions (in Unlikely Places)” by Elizabeth Gowing
  6. LOVE YOGA FESTIVAL in Alicante, Spain
  7. Partnering with Via Vita Health in promoting workplace health
  8. Laughter Club
  9. The Accredited Training Formula
  10. Book your Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapist training on time!

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A brief overview of our July 2019 diary

July is a really busy month.

We will be travelling to numerous locations in Hertfordshire and London, as well as High Wycombe, Warwick, Stratford upon Avon and Croydon…

We will be at Warwick University sharing Laughter Yoga as part of Atkins Graduate Summer Event – to name one event that will be happening in the upcoming week!

Up to 200 students have the potential of sharing laughter from a different perspective than usual social laughter when we meet in Warwickshire.

We go where you need us to share laughter!

To give you an idea of availability please visit our Events Calendar.

Available in London, across the UK, and Elsewhere

Laughter Yoga is an ideal method for promoting teamwork, stress management and workplace wellbeing as well as for real personal life changes. We can run our training courses and workshops at your venue if you cannot join us on scheduled dates around the country.

UnitedMind has the largest network of Laughter Yoga Partners in the UK and we always do our best to find a good day, time, and a great Laughter Facilitator so please look beyond our diary when you are looking to organise a Laughter Workshop for your group.

The Wellness Movement

We also work with some awesome partners who organise corporate wellbeing, team and stress management events, ask us and they step in to plan together with you and bring it all together for your group at your venue.

No distance is too far for sharing laughter and positive change – for stress management, team building, mental health boosting and more.

Give the gift of laughter to someone you care about.

All Laughter Yoga training is certified by Laughter Yoga International. In additon all Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy training is now also accredited and approved for CPD in the UK by FHT. Ask for a list of Approved Teachers.

Please contact us on email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Laughter Thoughts from Yours Truly

When I started teaching Laughter Yoga Leaders to boldly venture into the world and share Laughter Yoga my mission became creating opportunity.

Opportunity for trained Laughter Yoga Professionals, who really wanted to share Laughter Yoga because it is so amazingly good for us, to facilitate events with potential for starting their own business, should they choose to do this.

Opportunity to initiate positive change in the workplace and in life outside work and create non-judgmental environments for personal and professional growth.

One of the great opportunities that has grown out of teaching Laughter Yoga Leaders and Laughter Yoga Teachers for me is working with Holistic Laughter Coach Melanie Bloch, and together with her I deliver the highest standards of the certified training with two dedicated Laughter Ambassadors and the extra accreditation

We have done this now for two years, Melanie and I, and the course is a deep-dive into laughter realness and release! The Laughter Yoga Leader Training in London is exceptional and I say that very humble with the basis in the feedback we receive from our two days of teaching new Laughter Yoga Leaders.

I had been running workshops for some years when I started teaching and I loved it, I still love it – and for the ‘right’ reasons I feel, those that resonate in the heart-space and make you tremble a bit when you sense the wonderful change in people.

But whatever your reason for wanting to share Laughter Yoga with others, there is a growing need for Laughter Yoga Professionals as workplace and personal wellbeing is in focus. Individuals as well as organisations are looking for methods that are easily applied as well as connecting us in the real world outside technology and social media.

It has been a journey of persistence, and I am excited to see the growth in awareness of Laughter Yoga as a method for mental health, workplace and personal health, physical health, and social health, with more workshop and interested parties being passed through to the network of Laughter Yoga Professionals who really want to lead the way and spread laughter.

Even if it is purely for the sake of connecting with like-minded people!

You are part of my tribe of people who enjoy laughter and the practice of Laughter Yoga, and if you want, then there is plenty of laughter to share.

I do not provide you with everything but together we can bring laughter to people who really need a good deep-felt chuckle and a guffaw more often than it maybe currently happens.

My mission is to share Laughter Yoga as a way of engaging, connecting and enjoying life, people, health, and abundance altogether.

Now, who’s with me?!

Love, Laughter and Peace


Your Everyday Laughter Queen #youreverydaylaughterqueen

The Playing Human Conference – June 2020!

A superb line up is currently being introduced. We started in February when we introduced The Miracle Man, Ant Bennett, in March you met the YES Man, Dave Cornthwaite, in April you were acquainted with Play Expert, Yesim Kunter, in May Kate Hull Rodgers was on display, June you got acquainted with Sue Haswell and this month we introduce you to Madan Kataria.

Please welcome Dr Madan Lataria to London!

Meet Dr Madan Kataria – Founder of Laughter Clubs worldwide

Dr Madan Kataria brought laughter to the parks of Mumbai in March 1995 with the first Laughter Clubs kicking off in his ‘hood’. From then Laughter Clubs and Laughter Yoga grew to a worldwide movement and practice.

Together with his wife, Madhuri Kataria, he travelled the world and trained people to start laughter clubs, share Laughter Yoga and change the face of the Earth with laughter.

I met Madan first time in 2008 when he came to London for an interview. Before then I had been introduced to him via email and Skype back in 2002 and I started the Laughter Club International (UK) with his guidance and support. Since then I have had the pleasure of inviting Madan and Madhuri to Manchester and London/St Albans at Laughter Yoga Conferences.

A quarter or a century with Laughter Yoga and the spreading of Laughter Yoga has been amazing to be part of.

Madan and Madhuri are as busy as ever with conferences around the world, Laughter Yoga Guiness Book attempts, and the pledge for opening the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 so it is a real privilege to be able to welcome the Dr and Mrs Kataria back to the UK for the first time in 5 years when we open the doors to our Laughter Yoga 25th Anniversary in London on 5-7 June 2020. .

“We are paying very high price for taking life seriously, now its time to take laughter seriously” Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter Yoga Worldwide

Read more about Madan and Madhuri Kataria on – and look out for the mid-month story of her life…

Make sure you book soon – even if 2020 still seems a long way away.

Did you notice who else is coming?

These truly motivational people are not only there to talk, they are coming to inspire and move us all with playfulness and attitude!

Please get in touch about The Playing Human Conference & Laughter Yoga 25th Anniversary, our courses, workshops, conferences, laughter clubs and other events via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

A day with Oxford University Press

Diarmuid Carter of Digeo Productions contacted me to see if there was a way we could create a video for Oxford University Press as part of their English course for students with English as a second language.

Of course we could!

I ventured out to Oxford – the the cricket grounds – on a Wednesday in June to spend the day with the production team. On the way I practiced my lines to get them perfect.

However, it is tougher than it may sound when you actually know the ins and outs of Laughter yoga as I know I do.

Memorising someone else’s lines is a real challenge and made me truly appreciate the sometimes-struggle Laughter Yoga Leaders in training go through when they prepare to deliver a short verbal presentation on day-2 of the Laughter Yoga Leader Training…

The team was very understanding and in the end the line “It increases your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure so the effects are similar to gentle exercise and you get a nice workout!” was in the box!

It was a great and fun day for all of us – as per feedback – and I learned a lot about filming and voice over recording which is amazing to observe in such a digital work environment.

It still works with sheets and blankets covering the walls of the space… Fun!

Please get in touch to hear more about our partnerships, our training, workshops, and other events via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Unlikely Positions (in Unlikely Places)

…a Yoga Journey Around Britain. By Author Elizabeth Gowing

Elizabeth came to our Laughter Yoga Leader Training in Blackpool in October 2018 to experience a different type of yoga.

She joined in our Laughter Yoga session on Day-2 of the training and explored laughter from a different angle than the typical laughter we share with friends and elsewhere.

It was a mixed experience and Elizabeth has written an honest account about it in her new book ‘Unlikely Positions (in Unlikely Places), a Yoga Journey Around Britain’.

Read more about her book and get your copy via

Love Yoga Festival

It is with great excitement that I will be running Laughter Yoga sessions at the Love Yoga Festival in Alicante, Spain.

A place to nurture your body and mind.

Love Yoga Festival regularly offers a six day retreat in one of the largest spa and wellness resorts in Spain. The retreat offers full board and accommodation ranging from sharing to luxury.

It is right on the beach, with a gym, pool, spa and village – a true digital detox, physical rejuvenation and mental health refresh in beautiful, natural surroundings. Love yoga!

Love Yoga Festival dates scheduled so far are

  • 23-28 September 2019
  • 20-28 December 2019
  • 23-29 March 2020
  • 11-17 May 2020

Please get in touch about the Love Yoga Festival and other events via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Partnering with Via Vita Health

Running a business focusing solely on Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy in the health and wellbeing industry is actually a good thing.

Over the years in business I have teamed up with some amazing companies who I happily recommend to clients who regularly organise staff wellbeing events as well as festivals and conferences.

Via Vita Health is a new partner and I am looking forward to working with them at future events.

The company was established by Caroline Sidell and is a dynamic company that assesses occupational health requirements and creates a tailor made package to cater for the needs of organisations and individuals.

To learn more about our parnerships and to find our how your organisation or company can work closer with UnitedMind Laughter Yoga, please contact us via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

Laughter Club International (UK)

A Reminder that we meet and share laughter in the 1st St Albans Scouts Wadley Hut in The Laughter Club International (UK) in St Albans on First Sunday every month at 1pm-2:30pm – please do join us!

  • Next time is 7th July 2019
  • August is Holiday month and we reconvene in September

There are over 120 Laughter Clubs in the UK with their own webpage where you can find details.

Please get in touch about the laughter clubs and other options via email,, phone 0800 1214 714 or mobile 07736 341 717.

The Accredited Training Formula

Accreditation means our courses are approved for CPD!

Together with some great Laughter Yoga Teachers I train individuals and teams all over the world to lead laughter sessions as Laughter Yoga Leaders or Laughter Yoga Teachers.

You are always in good hands with approved Laughter Yoga Teachers!

PLEASE NOTE, The Laughter Yoga Training is still certified with a standard international certificate issued by Laughter Yoga International and co-signed by your teacher(s) which you receive at the end of the 2-day or 5-day training.

You can simply get your certificate and be ready but there are a few more requirements if you want the additional accreditation certificate. The training is accredited in the UK.

Getting the training accredited has been a big step in standardising the way we teach Laughter Yoga in the UK and how we bring the techniques to people as a tool approved for CPD purposes.

The courses from UnitedMind that have been approved as FHT Accredited Training are

  • 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training
  • 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
  • 1-day Laughter Yoga Coach Training
  • Laughter Therapist Training

This is exciting news at a time when mental and physical health is top of the priority list for many workplaces and public sector organisations.

With accreditation we are taking Laughter Yoga to another level of nationwide approval within the education system.

If you would like to train with me I would love to teach you and share my 16 years experience with you in London (with Mel Bloch), St. Albans, Durham, Preston, Bristol (with Sue Haswell), and your venue if you want to organise your own dates with your group of minimum 4 people, as well as one-on-one in Hemel Hempstead.

Our training is outstanding, deep and fun, and you get two Laughter Ambassadors for the price of one when you join us in London and Bristol!

Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs on the following dates and is a requirement for the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training:

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs on the following dates and is a requirement for the Certified Laughter Yoga Coach Training:

Please make your booking via secure link on

Book your training on time

Laughter Yoga is for everyone!

Whether you want to start your own Laughter Club or simply wish to bring more laughter into your own life, workplace, community or business, the training courses are fantastic and so useful in life and at work.

Personal and professional development at its best!

In addition, you get support from your teachers as you move on with your laughter life, as and when you need it. It is your call!

For information about Laughter Yoga, our clubs, courses, workshops and how you can learn, please contact us on, or 07736 341 717.

UnitedMind teaches Certified Laughter Yoga courses in the following locations:

  • Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training
    This training is a requirement for becoming a Laughter Yoga Teacher
    • London, St. Albans, Preston, Durham, Online
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people
  • Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
    This training is a requirement for becoming a Laughter Yoga Coach
    • Hemel Hempstead
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people
  • Accredited Laughter Therapist Training
    • Hemel Hempstead
  • Accredited Laughter Coach and Certified Gibberish Coach Training
    • Hemel Hempstead, Online
    • Your venue, your group – minimum 4 people

Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader

The 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on

2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Accredited Laughter Yoga Teacher

The 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs on the following dates and venues (full details are listed on

5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
solely provided by UnitedMind in the UK since 2012

Fees for residential training are including accommodation.

Feel free to enquire about special offers at any time.

Accredited Laughter Therapist

The 2-day Laughter Therapist Training is only the beginning of the 6-12 months programme (full details on

2-day Certified Laughter Therapist Training (NB 6-12-month programme)

Certified Gibberish Coach

The 1-day Gibberish Coach Training for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers runs on the following dates (full details are listed on

1-day Certified Gibberish Training
for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers

Accredited Laughter Yoga Coach

The 1-day Laughter Yoga Coach Training for Laughter Yoga Teachers runs online on the following dates (full details are listed on

1-day Accredited Laughter Coaching Training
for Laughter Yoga Teachers

Or you can book your 8-week One On One Laughter Coaching Programme and get closer to your real laughter through the practice of Laughter Yoga exercises.

All fees listed in the newsletter are early bird fees available until one month before training dates and excluding travel and accommodation costs unless otherwise stated. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace.

If you want to be sure to get a place on the course of your choice please book now in the UnitedMind Online Shop.

For more information about certified training courses please contact us via, phone 0800 1214 714, or mobile 07736 341 717.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.