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Laughter News August 2015

Welcome to August 2015

…and news from UnitedMind Ltd., Laughter Yoga Ltd., Gibberish Communications Ltd., and The Laughter Club International (UK).

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Information in this newsflash about

  • The Laughter Path
    • Laughter Yoga Leader Training
    • Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
    • Laughter Yoga Coach
    • Laughter Therapist
  • Laughter Yoga University Activity Day in London and Leeds
  • Other Training Dates

And just to mention

The Laughter Path

In some cases it can be rather confusing to find out which programme is the right one to choose, when there are numerous training programmes lined up looking interesting and just the one.

If you are still undecided or even if your mind is made up it can in fact have its many benefits to learn, practice, learn more, practice more, etc. You join a group of Laughter Professionals based not just in the UK but around Europe and further when you train with UnitedMind.

You are not on a solitary quest!

The network of Laughter Professionals has experienced a vast growth and development of skills over the past few years and if you have trained in the past as Laughter Yoga Leader it may be a great idea to re-connect with Laughter Yoga and refresh your techniques.

Laughter Yoga Leader

The first step can be one of many but the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training running over two days is a very good starting point.

Over the two training days you learn to deliver a straight-forward scripted workshop which you can then develop into your own programmes once you have built up your confidence.

The group you train with is supportive and on the same page.

We have lots of fun with serious laughter learning, and you instantly know why you chose to come on the training in the first place when the first day starts.

The Laughter Yoga Leader Training runs on the following dates and venues:

2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

  • 26-27 September in St Albans £150 early /£200
  • 01-02 October in Blackpool £150 early /£200
  • 22-23 October in London £150 early /£200
  • 21-22 November in Durham £150 early /£200
  • Your workplace at dates to suit you!

Laughter Yoga Teacher

Once you have completed your Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training and start running a Laughter Club or Laughter Workshops your next step may be to become a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher which allows you to teach the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training that started your own laughter journey – plus run all the workshops and laughter clubs you may already have started…

It is recommended to run regular laughter sessions for at least 3-6 months before you become a teacher (or before you start teaching if you skipped the leader training), as your students will want to learn from your experience and not just from a written manual.

The teacher training running over five days start early on most days at 7am and finish late on most days at 9pm – but with long breaks during the day. The training takes you through leading groups as well as teaching the laughter leader programme.

Furthermore, you learn meditation, additional breathing techniques, Gibberish, and add singing, dancing and playing to your laughter alone repertoire.

All of the trainings is a great addition to any type of therapy or workshop facilitation, health work as well as business related demands, however, the 5-day teacher training takes you through a skillset that can successfully be utilised and adopted to any group whether it is about laughter, play, relaxation, mindfulness, or balance in life in general.

The 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training runs on the following dates and venues:

5-day Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training
solely provided by UnitedMind in the UK since 2012

  • 23-27 November 2015 in Hemel Hempstead £550 early / £695
  • 11-14 April 2016 in Durham £550 early / £695
  • 11-14 July 2016 in Hemel Hempstead £550 early / £695

Fees are excluding accommodation.

Laughter Yoga Coach

Most people want more laughter but find it challenging to laugh and develop their laughter, participating in group laughter sessions do not seem an obvious choice. Learning and practicing Laughter Yoga builds confidence and self-esteem so it is vital to bring it into areas of exclusion and isolation in order to boost interaction and sense of belonging.

The Laughter Yoga One-On-One Coaching programme runs over 8 weeks and is a personal and profound experience that makes a big difference for both individuals as well as for teams adopting the programme. This is the programme you learn to facilitate on the Laughter Coaching Training.

As a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher or Certified Laughter Yoga Leader you can learn specific techniques to help people through insecurities, depression and loneliness. The 1-day Laughter One-On-One Coaching programme is an add on to existing Laughter Yoga Leader and Teacher Certifications and can be used tremendously beneficial to both facilitator and coachee. However, you can also add Laughter One-On-One Coaching to your existing therapist training by attending the 2-day Laughter Coaching Training.

The Laughter Yoga Coach Training runs online on the following dates:

1-day Certified Laughter Coaching Training
for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers

  • 05 October 2015 Online £80

2-day Certified Laughter Coaching Training

  • 26-27 August Online £200
  • Your workplace at dates to suit you!

Laughter Therapist

The Psychology of Laughter, Therapist Training programme adds depth and width to the knowledge and wisdom of Laughter Yoga by bringing together the technology with the latest research.

Everyone strives for a happy life and this training addresses the much needed aspect of mind and mentality at play in joyfulness and fun, and how facilitators can bring a new angle to their workshops and trainings.

The course is for anyone who wants to run workshops using laughter as a method of connecting people and connecting with people, it is for Laughter Yoga Leaders, Laughter Yoga Teachers, Laughter Facilitators, Laughter Therapist, anyone who presents, gives lectures, talks and other public or private speakers as well as people who just want more joy and laughter.

Undoubtedly a great next step for Laughter Professionals.

The 3-day Laughter Therapist Training runs online on the following dates:

3-day Certified Laughter Therapist

  • 13-15 October Online £250 early / £300
  • Your workplace at dates to suit you!

Laughter Yoga University Activity Day

Julie Whitehead wrote the following:

In case you hadn’t heard there is going to be a brilliant event in London on Saturday 24th October 2015!

ALL Laughter Yoga Leaders and Teachers are invited to come along to share news and ideas, laugh and play – even sing and dance!

We will also have a think about how to spread the news of Laughter Yoga further in the UK and increase awareness of just how brilliant laughter and happiness is for our health.

New laughter activities will be invented, creativity and laughter will flow, so make sure you are part of this special event.

The cost is only £25.00 per person to cover room hire and lunch costs. This is a fraction of a normal workshop event.

Don’t delay – book your place today!

And to add to it all we will also be meeting for a fun and inventive day in Leeds on Saturday 19th March 2016.

Don’t miss it!

For more information on our laughter-based training programmes and workshops for promoting laughing, health and happiness, stress management and team spirit within yourself, your workplace and your home, please contact us via email,, mobile 07736 341 717.

Other Training Dates

1-day Certified Gibberish Training
unique training from UnitedMind

  • 29 August in St Albans £60 early / £95
  • 18 September in Durham £60 early /£95
  • Your workplace at dates to suit you!

1-day Laughter is Serious Business Workshop

  • 04 September Online £75

All fees are excluding travel and accommodation costs. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace, or concessions.

If you want to be sure to get a place on the course of your choice please book now in the UnitedMind Online Shop.

For more information about certified training courses please contact us via email,, or mobile 07736 341 717.

Live Telephone Laughter

If you cannot make it to a Laughter Club there is another option…

The Telephone Laughter Club is live three times a day on weekdays; subscribe to connect to the live conference call and feel the knock-on effect as you laugh daily!

Choice between 7:00am and 12noon and 6:30pm:

  • Monthly £6
  • Quarterly £15 (saving £3)
  • Annually £50 (saving £22)

Other options are also available when you combine the timeslots.

Please register online or get in touch on email or mobile 07736 341 717 to learn more about how you can bring telephone or conference laughter to your workplace and community.

PLEASE NOTE If you dial in from a UK landline there are no call charges.

However, if you dial in from a mobile phone there may be call charges but good news is that there are ways around it all, e.g. dial 0207 819 1800 before dialling our 0800-number, you can save money and pay only the local rate for your call. Please check with your mobile call provider to see what is cheapest.

Full details of all workshops and training programmes, and how to register, are listed on UnitedMind’s website.