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Laughter News April 2013

Welcome to April 2013

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Information in this newsflash about

  • The Headway Story and Interview
  • Unleash Laughter! – a day workshop in Peterlee
  • Certified Gibberish Training and Young Carers Comments
  • Laughter Training for Life Coaches and Holistic Therapists
  • Laughter Yoga Training – longlasting positive change

And just to mention

Headway – laughing with people with brain injury

What a fantastic day with Headway! If there was ever a group of people who are great at laughing it is the people who find little reason in life. Working with the Headway group was rewarding in many ways and the experience of being with people who are choosing to overcome disabling events is truly inspiring.

I hope you will read the story and listen to the 2½ minute interview with Patricia O’Malley, Founder of The Regency Training Foundation, who is the initiator of the projects with Headway as well as with Young Carers in a bit to combat social exclusion and create community readiness, and one of the Headway participants who suffered multiple strokes.

Unleash Laughter Within! – in Peterlee, Co. Durham

According to statistics the northern parts of the UK are seemingly the most depressed areas of the country.

Let’s change the face of the stats and make it a smiley one!

We may not do a firewalk but we will do lots of other fun and groundbreaking activites…

  • 21st June 2013 in Peterlee, Co. Durham ONLY £40

If you are planning a day for your team, your friends, or for yourself please get in touch on Or simply book your place in the UnitedMind Online Shop.

Gibberish Training in St. Albans and Peterlee

 If you really want to experience unconditional communication this is certainly the place where nonsense rules!

The full day of learning the different aspects of Gibberish and why we should engage with this form of non-verbal speech teaches you how to facilitate a variety of Gibberish and improvisation techniques.

However, it also teachers you how you can adopt this way of communicating into your personal and professional life, thus avoiding or diminishing conflicts and disagreements at home as well as in the workplace.

“When I get angry now, I talk in gibberish and it makes me feel better”
Young Carer, 10 years

This workshop is ideal for teams in organisations! Please get in touch on for further details about our corporate workshops.

The training is held on the following dates:

  • 6th April in St. Albans
  • 24th May in Peterlee

At the end of the day you will be a Certified Gibberish Coach! Book now online to secure your place.

Laughter Training for Life Coaches and Therapists

As a Holistic Therapist, Life Coach or other Therapist typically working on one-on-one basis you may not wish to run group laughter sessions or facilitate laughter workshops for big organisations.

Adding Laughter Yoga and Laughter Therapy to your existing qualifications is now available with this 2-day training.

During the two days you will learn the background of Laughter Yoga as well as variations of therapeutic laughter. Furthermore, we will go into detail about the One-On-One Laughter Coaching programme and at the end of the two days you will be qualified and feel equipped to offer Laughter Coaching to your clients.

Full details are available on UnitedMind’s website and booking in the UnitedMind Online Shop.

Laughter Training – transforming your life!

The two day Laughter Yoga Leader Training has a defined structure to it in order to teach participants and enable them to run Laughter Clubs, Laughter Workshops and Laughter Alone sessions – or simply access laughter more freely in own life.

In two days there is a limit to how much it is possible to deriviate from the original material.

However, there is a wealth of opportunity for additional learning when venturing onto the five day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training, extending your perception of Laughter Yoga and discovering what the true inner spirit of laughter entails.

If you are looking for a truly inspirational and potentially life changing experience for yourself, your friends, your family or your team at work, then the Laughter Yoga Training may be just what you would benefit from. Laughter Yoga Training is where positive transformation and life changes happen!

Laughter does not make challenges evaporate, however, knowing the techniques, when and how to use them enables you to cope with life and experience greate resilience.

There are many opportunities to learn Laughter Yoga both on the Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training as well as on the vast number of excellent workshops such as Breathing Business, Laughter Alone, Laughter Coaching and many more.

Most trainings and workshops are ideal to bring into workplaces for teams and management groups, as well as for individuals.

  • 5-day Laughter Yoga Teacher Training £550 per person, 2 for £800
  • 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Training £175 per person, 2 for £300
  • And other special deals on the UnitedMind Online Shop

All fees are excluding travel and accommodation costs. Other deals may be available as well as special agreements with companies and organisations who wish to train teams and individuals in their workplace. Online booking available here.

Laughter Yoga impacts all areas of life and brings balance into perceptions, views, stress, challenges, mismatched communication, perfomance, teamwork, confidence, trust, exclusion and inclusion, absenteeism and many other daily challenges we face as individuals and in the workplace.

Some of the feedback from the Laughter Yoga Teacher trainings:

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in 2013

  • 5-19 July in Hemel Hempstead
  • 2-6 September in Durham City
  • 4-8 November in Hemel Hempstead

To learn more about the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training, uniquely provided by UnitedMind in the UK, please contact us on email,

Full details of all trainings and how to register are listed on UnitedMind’s website.