Business Therapy with Sue Haswell and Cathy Towers


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Business Experts and Therapists Sue Haswell and Cathy Towers deliver two days’ Business Therapy. Read more about them on

A 2-day workshop for people who are “stuck” in their businesses and for Laughter Yoga Professionals there is a special price so get in touch.

It may be because:

  • you are fed up and bored with your business.
  • you don’t get enough from your business – money/fun/enjoyment/learning.
  • life has moved on and has different demands on you – family, health, home, relationships.
  • you feel let down – the business should have been so much more…
  • other businesses are looking like success, but yours isn’t.
  • the industry has moved on – but you haven’t.
  • you have faced some challenge and haven’t recovered fully yet.
  • you have lost your confidence.
  • you have lost you mojo.
  • you no longer want your mojo – but feel you have to continue.
  • the business is part of your identity, but you want to change it and don’t know how.
  • you want to grow/de-grow/move/change/sell or otherwise make a fundamental change.
  • you just feel stuck for some inexplicable reason.
  • your business is not doing you any favours and every single day continues to drag you down.

The Business Therapy workshop helps you take a whole bright new look at the business! It’s not prescriptive, and we aren’t attached to any outcomes.

The workshop is fun, action-packed, reflective, deep, moving and inspiring. You will leave with new ideas and a new commitment to your business.

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