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Why The Playing Human Conference is key!

This is Pady O’Connor

Here is the thing, I decided who would speak and I also decided the name of the conference.

I had an idea and I ran with it, hoping and praying it would be of interest to everyone in and outside the Laughter Yoga World. Please read on…

Inspiration hit me following the day with Pady O’Connor and Patch Adams in April  2017, and it took me back to my childhood experience of an art exhibition in Denmark.

What is so important about playing as an adult? Grown-ups must be serious and focused or they will not achieve. Something we hear or are told or have told others.

This is Leif Hansen

The journey of putting together The Playing Human Conference has been amazing and stressful, too, not knowing if people would actually support this fantastic event or simply not bother at all, and there are still a few steps before we are there.

I believe in this event and many more to come but my trust and faith is not the key to making it happen, your commitment is just as important.

This is Shonette Bason Wood

The Playing Human Conference is not only for the Laughter Yoga Community, which is a group I know very well, but it is for everyone who find themselves in serious jobs, a serious relationship, serious life events, it is for fun-loving, joyful people, too, people who want a bit of extra oomph!

I can tell you all the stats and point you to the research and background for why playing as an adult is important but you will need to find the meaning of play within yourself.

This is Robert Holden

Open your heart and your mind to the possibility that there is another way than being seriously involved in your work, family, friends, and life.

Being playful doesn’t mean ‘not-serious’ about it all, it simply means that you have chosen to become more creative, focused, motivated and determined in all areas of life!

And the bonus is that you will experience more laughter which makes you feel healthy and energetic on top of it all.

This is Linda Leclerc

This year it has become even more clear to me the impact of our stressful lives and ways, so many people within my network have suffered strokes, heart-attacks, stress related conditions, cancer diagnosis, other stress and health-related events, along with mental health and anxiety challenges.

Many did not survive.

It makes me cry and feel so immensely sad because what will it take? What will it take before we get that our ways must change?

Peace within creates peace outside ourselves – even if we start with just one person, ourselves, one person is enough to start the ball rolling.

This is Jo-Dee Walmsley (in front)

Play in the workplace, one person who is playful is enough to start a trend even if it seems it isn’t. If you are a stand for your idea and it is for the good of all people involved then there is always a chance. Even if it seems you knock your head against wall upon wall upon wall.

  • We want to be happy.
  • We want to be healthy.
  • We want to live life to the full in relation to what we deem to be full for us.

Choose to come to The Playing Human Conference – it may give you valuable insights and then some…

The Playing Human Conference is less than a month away and here is how things have been

  • I Skyped with Robert Holden last year. He is fun and amazingly playful – I only have a fraction of an idea of what he will talk about and share with us but he knows what it is all about and that’s what counts…
  • I met with Leif Hansen and his lovely family this summer. He is lighthearted and full of wonderful mischief – I have no doubt we will all benefit from his work…
  • I reconnected with my Haha Sister Linda Leclerc. She is the key to laughter and joy – I cannot wait to experience the nature of her work with you all…
  • I laughed with Shonette Bason Wood. She is the comedy queen and her ideas for creating daily playfulness – this is what we all need today and tomorrow…
  • I chatted with Pady O’Connor this spring. He is joyously fantastic with a view to create positive change from within and his work with masks is enchanting and inspiring – I have no doubt we will learn how to play and mask it all…
  • I connected with the Patch Adams’ Team. He is clown-extraordinaire and is on a mission to change the world – I believe in the magic he shares and I am sure we will see the world in a different light after his moment with us…
  • I have schemed and planned with Jo-Dee Walmsley. She is the top of MCs and has a cheerful attitude and approach to introducing key people – I am so chuffed she is with us, we can all benefit from confident presentations…

and TODAY I spoke with Jeremy Gilley and it really touches, moves and inspires me to introduce him because his cause is what we all want.

This is Jeremy Gilley

Jeremy is the man behind Peace One Day and International Peace Day 21 September and he is closing The Playing Human Conference on 28 September with an inspired moment of the joy that peace creates when we share it with others.

No better way to end the conference than with inspiration to pursue peace no matter what!

I cannot wait and I have to pinch myself sometimes when I ponder on the line-up for The Playing Human Conference in London on 27-28 September.

If you are still undecided about the conference, I rest my case. If these people do not inspire you to come then there is nothing more I can add other than I hope to share laughter and joy with you another time.

  • Leif is an awesome improvisor and motivator
  • Pady is the key to unmasking your true self
  • Robert is THE happiness expert
  • Patch is synonymous with clowning and playing
  • Shonette is play and mischief in one person
  • Linda is a true laughter chocolatier,
  • Jeremy is the delightful holder of peace and community!
This is Patch Adams (with the chicken hat)

This is what you get, these people are coming to share their stories and their methods. Book before it is too late, book two people and save or book one person and save less but you still save.

The Playing Human Conference is held at Conway Hall in London on 27-28 September 2018.

Book at £250 for the two days on and if you book two people check out with coupon ‘specialfortwo’ to get your discount and pay only £350 in total.