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A Day in London with Patch, Pady and 90 Laughter Friends

There is nothing that quite compares with the joy and enthusiasm, the love and the excitement shared with almost 100 laughter enthusiasts in a room with Patch Adams and Pady O’Connor.

Tuesday 25th April started with Pady O’Conner introducing us all to the Clown Doctors in North-East England. He then took us onto an exploration of masks and the expression we experience playing with improvisation and masks.

Truly skillful teacher of the arts, Pady O’Connor is – and very inspiring.

Patch Adams arrived early afternoon!

We spent the rest of the day exploring his methods for choosing a life of joy. Playing, dancing, singing, laughing, angering, welling up with tears, all of it in our natural state are ways to be joyful beings.

Thank you to everyone who joined in making this truly magical day happen!

Next year is already in the making so make sure you block out 28-29 September 2018 as the ball is set in motion in this writing moment…