Corporate Laughter Yoga Training & Workshop Specialists in the UK

Becoming a Laughter Yoga Professional

Many people think it is just a fun thing, that there is not much to practicing Laughter Yoga.

Which is one reason some people start Laughter Clubs without having the proper and appropriate training.

To run a Laughter Club is by many considered to be easy and free for all so why not just start a Laughter Club… However, to be a true Laughter Club Facilitator requires skills learned through training and through running the club – in that order.

The skills learned in the Laughter Yoga Leader and Laughter Yoga Teacher Training courses are not the only skills needed. As a Laughter Yoga Professional your compassion, integrity, people skills and ability to let go comes with a daily Laughter Yoga practice.

Do not let the word ‘Professional’ put you off as meaning someone in business, it means much more than that!

It is a constant aim for positive change and there are days that are not as great as others but unless we practice we will not feel the change and in turn obstacles may seem even more un-overcome-able.

A daily practice softens your approach to people and situations and the ever-judging mind becomes less judgmental.

If you are unable to forgive and let go perhaps your Daily Laughter Practice is a bit wobbly! Change does not happen overnight, it takes time, willingness, persistence and laughter!

When we laugh we change perspective and if there are areas in your life and people you still cannot forgive, you are only harming yourself.

A Daily Laughter Practice is more than just laughing, and it is more than just laughing loudly. Laughter Yoga teaches you to reach into the depth of your body to find your true laughter instead of using and straining your vocal cords. It takes time and willingness.

I realise as I am writing this, that my late father had this type of laughter, the one that came from within with a warmth and a playfulness that I don’t think he even knew was there. It made us laugh along, these quiet chuckles that could go on and on, and I have often heard people say that they loved hearing my dad laughing.

When you practice laughing, notice the change in your laughter, notice when it starts emerging from a deeper level that the loud and raucous laughter that eventually feels natural, gentle, and not at all forced.

Laughter Yoga is encouraging laughter from within and not as a pretend-practice.

When you feel the laughter in your body, when you feel thelaughter change you, then you have become a Laughter Yoga Professional at mind, heart and in your body. For real.

Your aim is no longer to show how to laugh but to share laughter as a way of being!