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The Telephone Laughter Club

Laughter Club 2008

The Laughter Club International (UK) started in St. Albans in June 2004 and is as active as ever.
On 15th September 2008 our monthly laughter was expanded by weekday morning laughter with The Telephone Laughter Club.
Read the full story of the Telephone Laughter Club - it may inspire your laughter!
Since then a laughter-serious group have laughed from Monday to Friday at 7:00am until 7:10am as a means to combat stress and excessive seriousness.
In January 2012 The Telephone Laughter Club became a paid for service, but it has not stopped people from connecting. There is an increase in the number of morning laughers and this is great news for the face of Great Britain.
From November 2014 we added to the existing live laughter at 7:00am to 7:10am so we also laugh at 12:00noon to 12:10pm, and from February 2015 another timeslot has been added at 6:30pm to 6:40pm.

Laughter Club fee: £6 per month, £15 per quarter or £50 annually per timeslot or special deals for multiple times - available to book online.
Registration: Booking is essential.

Why Telephone Laughter Club?

In India Laughter Clubs are held every day. This helps people benefit tremendously and boost their health as they laugh regularly.
However, in the Western countries Laughter Clubs happen just once a week, or in many cases once a month, which means many people want more as they experience the health benefits.
When The Laughter Club started in St. Albans in 2004 I had a 'laughter buddy' who I laughed with every morning at 7am to initiate the day in a great and inspiring way.
The experience was similar to being in a Laughter Club!
Anyone who would like to start the day with a laugh is welcome to dial in to The Telephone Laughter Club, just remember to register!
For further details and information about our Laughter programmes and laughter training please contact us.
World Laughter Day 2007

The Telephone Laughter Club Details

  • Monday to Friday
  • 7:00am to 7:10am and/or 12noon-12:10pm and/or 6:30pm-6:40pm
  • Dial 0800 12 14 136
  • Follow the instructions
  • The ID is reset once per month
    - the new ID is emailed to subscribers only
  • NB when you dial from a mobile phone you can pre-dial with the following number to save money as 0800-numbers are not always free to call from mobile devices: 02078191800 followed by the conference call number and ID.
World Laughter Day 2006

Important Notes

Laughter Yoga is easy...
  • Today the US and Australia run very successful Telephone Laughter Clubs and this was the inspiration to start the daily telephone laughs here in the UK.
  • Anyone is welcome to log on to the online laughter conference - no matter where you are.
  • There are more than 10,000 Laughter Clubs worldwide.
  • Laughter also runs regularly on Skype.


Train as a Laughter Yoga Teacher with the Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in the United Kingdom!

  • 23-27/11-2015 South
  • 11-15/04-2016 North 
  • 11-15/07-2016 South


Train with the officially appointed Laughter Ambassadors in the UK!
St Albans, London and Durham:
  • 21-22/11-2015 Durham
  • 23-24/01-2016 St Albans
  • 20-21/02-2016 Durham
  • 03-04/03-2016 London
  • 07-08/04-2015 Blackpool
  • 21-22/04-2016 London
Online / Homestudy:
  • 2pm to 4pm
    05, 12, 19, 26 January 2016
    • 21-22/11-2015 Durham
    • 23-24/01-2016 St Albans
    • 20-21/02-2016 Durham
    • 03-04/03-2016 London
    • 07-08/04-2015 Blackpool
    • 21-22/04-2016 London


    • 13-14/01-2016 Online

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