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Laugh for No Reason - it's good for you!

Laughter Yoga Teacher Training 2011

by Lotte Mikkelsen, February 2008

Before we start let's clear up a few misconceptions about laughter:

- you must have a sense of humour to laugh
- you have to have a reason to laugh
- you need to be happy to laugh

Laughter arrives before language. It is one of the fundamental ways of expression for us human beings.  Laughter is part of our language and, just as with the spoken language, our laughter language changes over years throughout life.  We laugh in our own unique style when it comes to our facial expression, our movement, volume and intonation. 

Yet, as a people we have forgotten how to laugh!

According to a study done by German Psychologist Dr. Michael Titze, children laugh spontaneously hundreds of times a day.  Adults laugh less than 15 times a day.

Our laughter grows up with us, from being innocent and spontaneous to being conditioned and controlled.

Same study by Dr. Titze shows that fifty years ago people laughed 18 minutes a day.  Today, however, we laugh for only six.

There are many reasons why laughter is disappearing...
We live in a fast and stressful world where few things make us laugh while many things make us frown, nobody wants to take responsibility and we keep trying to live in a moment other that now, our society has become fear- and rule-based where laughter is seen as being irresponsible and not serious, a sense of humour is uncommon and sometimes inappropriate because everything nowadays has to be taken so seriously, happiness has become conditional on external factors supported by comments like "when I get 'this', then I will be happy".

Laughter Yoga as a solution

Let me introduce you to Laughter Yoga.  It is based on the philosophy of 'acting happiness'. In Laughter Yoga you don't need to be happy, or have a reason, or even have a sense of humour in order to laugh.

There are so many benefits to get from laughing that you'd be mad no to!

-        Laughter releases endorphins

-        Acts as aerobic exercise

-        Unleashes inhibitions

-        Great team building tool

-        Helps boost our immune system

-        Tones muscles

-        Encourages positive thinking

-        Relaxes the whole body

It is important to note that 'laughing for no reason' is different from laughing with humour.  We are not born with a sense of humour but we are born with a pre-loaded ability to laugh.

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Laughter Yoga Leader Training 2011

Three Misconceptions

  • You must have a sense of humour to laugh
  • You have to have a reason to laugh
  • You need to be happy to laugh
Laughter Yoga Leader Training 2012

Laughter is an Anti-Dote for

  • depression
  • severe stress
  • boredom


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